Should I Really Shop Around For Car Insurance?

It really boils down to your answer to two questions. If you answer no to each of these two questions, than it probably doesn’t matter so much to you where or who you buy coverage from. Q1: Do You Care About Price? The most popular benefit to shopping around is the savings. By getting quotes from multiple companies you have the ability to compare the cost and you’ll more than likely find a company willing to sell you the coverage you need... [Read More...]

2013 New Year’s Resolution – Meet My Insurance Policy…

Now Christmas has past and now we are left with a little less money, a little more weight and maybe some hints of gift unwrapping frenzy. The New Year is quickly approaching and now we can be thinking about possible New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you have one already in mind. Some of the more common resolutions include diet, exercise and better money management. Your insurance policy can play an important role for each of these. Financially Benefit... [Read More...]

Insurance Quote Estimates, Estimate Insurance Rates With Online Comparison Rate Quotes

Estimating the cost of auto insurance prior to buying a vehicle is important. You don’t want to buy the car only to find out the insurance cost exceeds the payment. To get a decent estimate you may want to quote 2 or 3 companies. When it comes to buy insurance it’s better to compare a minimum of 5-6 companies as rates offered by companies can vary by hundreds. For lower than average insurance rates; a general rule of thumb is to target... [Read More...]

Ultimate Guide To Comparing Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

Find Better Auto and Home Insurance For Less Until you see the savings, shopping for auto and homeowners insurance is never fun or entertaining.  It takes time, patience and its helpful to have some insurance knowledge.  Whether you’re looking for a cheaper auto and home insurance rates or better coverage, you’ll find what I’m about to tell you very useful. Companies will often sell you the idea that if you package your policies with their... [Read More...]

New Car Insurance, Used Car Insurance, Reviewing Auto Insurance Rates This Christmas

Christmas is approaching quickly and what better gift is there than a new car for your loved one or spouse. Many couples instead of buying each other a gift for Christmas go out and buy something together such as a car, home décor, a piece of furniture and other items that can be used by each other. This year I’ve found that a couple friends of ours have purchased new cars this year. What a nice gift. Buying A Car For Christmas Presents An... [Read More...]

Am I Paying Too Much For Car Insurance? 4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself

There are ways we all can be saving more. Insurance expenses can be greatly reduced by following just a few simple rules. Below are four questions you must ask yourself in order to be sure you are not spending more than you should on auto insurance. Question 1: Is your vehicle worth less than a standard deductible? If you have a car that’s worth $1,000 or less, why have it fully covered? You only want collision and comprehensive coverage... [Read More...]

Should I Buy Full Glass Coverage, Windshield Replacement, Insurance Options

Do You Really Need Full-Glass Coverage?Today I called around for windshield replacement on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I feared the worse since I’ve seen how high the price of a windshield can get. I know the Toyota Prius has a pretty high priced windshield. My policy does not cover glass so everything from here on out is out of my own pocket. After calling about 5 shops I found what appears to be a very inexpensive price for a new windshield to... [Read More...]

10 Cars Expensive To Insure – Avoiding High Insurance Rates

These very high priced cars have an additionally high insurance premium quotes. When buying a new car, you may want to avoid them or be prepared to spend. 1) Cadillac Escalade EXT 4×4: This huge SUV can cause major damage to anything it hits. If you were to be hit by one, your chances of being totaled out (with the losses that often come with it financially) are a lot higher. As the owner of one, your insurance premiums may be close to your... [Read More...]

How Much Can You Save On The Auto Home / Auto Renters Multi-Line Discount

Today we would like to introduce the possibility of a significant auto insurance discount. As you may know anytime you combine policies with an insurance company you’re going to save. Sometimes it will be when you place two cars on the same policy or when you insure your home with the same company as your Auto Insurer. We recently constructed a tool to determine how much your auto insurance would be if you also had your renters or homeowners... [Read More...]

Discount Auto Insurance, Easiest Way To Save On Car Insurance

Reduce Expensive Car InsuranceCombining coverage is one of the easiest ways to reduce your auto premium. When you combine a homeowners or renters policy with your auto policy you can save as much as 15% depending on the insurance company you are with. If you’ve had a couple tickets or accidents, you may be paying well over $2000 for auto insurance each year. Same goes for if you’re a younger driver or if you’re insuring more than one vehicle.... [Read More...]

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