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Should I Really Shop Around For Car Insurance?

It really boils down to your answer to two questions. If you answer no to each of these two questions, than it probably doesn’t matter so much to you where or who you buy coverage from.

Q1: Do You Care About Price?

The most popular benefit to shopping around is the savings. By getting quotes from multiple companies you have the ability to compare the cost and you’ll more than likely find a company willing to sell you the coverage you need at a more affordable price. Premiums between companies can vary by several hundred a year.

Q2: Do You Care About Additional Benefits?

The other benefit that comes from shopping around is the level of service you’ll be provided from one company to the next. Some companies offer a plan where more benefits are offered through the course of your policy. For instance you may have heard of the vanishing deductible. This is a program where your deductible is reduced by a specific amount every six months if you file no claims within that time period. By comparing insurance offers between multiple companies you can also take into consideration some of the unique benefits offered by each insurer.

Comparing quotes can be a great learning experience, especially for younger drivers. When you compare quotes and benefits offered by various insurance companies, you may get a better understanding of the risks associated with owning a vehicle and which companies are truly competitive in your market.

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