Automotive Partner Search

Automotive Websites: We would like to get together with an auto related website who can help us host periodic free alarm giveaways. If you have an automotive related website and feel your visitors may be interested in the free alarm system contact us and if accepted we’ll get one of our products out to you. Partner Guidelines for Successful Raffles Website must be auto related. It doesn’t make sense to have this giveaway on a teddy... [Read More...]

Live Life Prepared for Anything

Well son of a gun, I was driving to work this morning and I got a flat tire. I looked in the back for my jack. Guess what; I don’t have it (slap to the forehead). Yesterday I took it out to use on the wife’s jeep. She had some brake pads starting to grind so I figured i would use my floor jack to lift her car. I keep it in my Isuzu since it didn’t come with the original jack when I bought it. I figured it would work better than the... [Read More...]

Ever lie about your driving history, tickets or accidents?

Some drivers at some point decide not to provide accurate driving history information when applying for auto insurance quotes. This can eventually cause major issues in the event of an incident. Although most insurance companies track claims though a National database (the CLUE Report), if one claim slips through the cracks, it can come back to haunt you. If you find yourself needing to file a new claim and the ones you chose not to mention are... [Read More...]

I sometimes yield too often

How many of us occasionally make the quick pause or yield at stop signs.  I made that mistake yesterday as a come up to a four-way stop on two roads that hardly get traveled.  As I came up to the sign I did the “pause roll” move as I turned left.  While turning left sitting under a tree was a cycle cop shaking his head at me.  [Read More...]  Read More →

Are you insured enough.

With every change in life you face, make sure to ask yourself, “Am I protected?”. One major focus on this website is to help people, like you and me, maintain financial stability. One way is to help customers save more on insurance costs, hence “”, and the other way is to make sure the insurance we choose properly protects us from any financial hardship that being uninsured/underinsured can cause. We must remember,... [Read More...]