Why Young Drivers Should Consider an Auto / Renters Quote

A great discount opportunity for drivers in their early 20s. Today we want to share a quick savings tip for young people who recently moved out on their own. Young drivers have always had it rough when it comes to finding affordable auto insurance rates. While statistics continue showing a higher risk trend with drivers in their early twenties, there’s something young drivers living on their own can do to further reduce their auto insurance... [Read More...]

Buy A Renters Insurance Policy For Less – Low Renters Quotes

Renters Insurance For Less Did you know renter’s policies can be as low as $60 a year, sometimes less? $60 a year is a cheap price for as much coverage you get with a renters policy. Also, if you get an auto insurance quote and combine it with a new renter’s policy you can get a discount on your auto insurance rate. For renters paying high auto insurance rates, this may be a way to save some money. A few companies represented by Independent... [Read More...]

Insurance For Renters, Discount Renter Insurance

Have you ever been robbed or been a victim of theft? The experience is heart sinking. You spend the next week putting together your own little conspiracy theories. Some go as far to keep an eye on craigslist for their goods popping up to be resold. A study performed by the Independent Agents and Brokers of America states that 2 out of every 3 Americans who rent do not have a renter’s policy. Did you know that a typical renter’s policy cost... [Read More...]