Vehicle Safety, Do You Know Your Car Well?

To be sure your vehicle is taking you from point A to point B safely, there are a few things you should take into consideration, such as recalls, vehicle ratings conducted by the Internationals Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) and crash statistics information based on vehicle types. Below are a few helpful sites that can keep you updated on these important factors. These resources can help you shop for the right vehicle or correct an existing problem... [Read More...]

Keep Your Low Car Insurance In North Carolina

North Carolina lawmakers are attempting to push SB 490, a bill which could greatly effect the auto insurance rates offered to North Carolina Drivers. North Carolina is currently the 8th state for the lowest auto insurance rates. Could this be changing soon due to SB 490? North Carolina’s Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is opposed the bill and explains how this bill will take some of the commissioners authority away, authority that any... [Read More...]

Audi A5 2dr Coupe 3.2 V6 FSI Sport Insurance Safety Review

This Audi A5 V6 2 door Coupe comes standard with a traction control system, alarm, anti-lock brakes, central locking system and side air bags. With most major injuries being caused during side impacts, front and side air bags is a plus for most insurance companies. This vehicle also comes with side impact bars and a car immobilizer system. The immobilizer system simply makes it to where an authorized key must be used to start the vehicle. There... [Read More...]

2000 Ford Mustang Insurance and Safety Information

Buy Cheaper Car Insurance For Your Mustang According to our records the 2000 Ford Mustang has at least 9 issues. The first issue begins with the front anchorage on the seat-belt. The mechanism may not allow the seat belt to be extracted. This problem would make it unable to properly install a child seat or unable for an adult passenger to properly wear the shoulder belt. There are also some exterior lighting issues with models manufactured in... [Read More...]

2007-2009 TSX Auto Insurance Review

The best way to determine how much auto insurance will cost for a Acura TSX is by comparing loss history to all other vehicles. Does the Acura TSX have average number of loss claims? According to the IIHS (Insurance Institute For Highway Safety), the 2007-2009 Acura TSX models have been rated and compared by number of claims filed. The Acura TSX has had a an average number of overall claims. Below are specific claims ratings. Acura TSX Loss... [Read More...]

A Lottery Ticket Helps Utah Driver Reduce Risk

A recent story was published about a woman who won the lottery and took extra precautions to make sure that she could safely get her ticket to the lottery headquarters located a state away. Cindy Flint, Brigham City, Utah resident drove nearly 300 miles to Boise Idaho with a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million. During this journey she kept the ticket locked away in a fireproof safe. I guess she figured that if she fell victim in a deadly car... [Read More...]

Twitter Helps Seattle Washington Police Find Stolen Vehicles

Seattle police are now using twitter to help locate stolen cars. Seattle is known for its high rate of auto theft in the United States. It’s been estimated that about 10 cars are stolen on a given day. When a car is stolen the Seattle Police Department will tweet the cars make and model, year, color and license plate on It is recommended that you do not make contact with any Drivers in vehicles that have been reported... [Read More...]

Avoid Driving Without Car Insurance, Driving Uninsured, Low Down Payment Plans

So many drivers drive without insurance due to the high expense of auto insurance, and limited funds. The truth is it just isn’t worth the risk. We’ve developed a better quote service to help you find the lowest car insurance rates you can afford. Many low car insurance plans today also offer a low down payment so you can get insured without paying an arm and a leg. Driving Without Insurance – Common Questions Can I drive without car insurance?... [Read More...]

College Student Auto Insurance, Low Car Insurance For Students

Statistics Have Shown That Students With Good Grades File Less Claims As a college student, finding affordable auto insurance may seem impossible! Until you turn 25 it will almost always be expensive, especially if you are male! In addition, many college communities have higher accident occurrences which will also have a noticeable impact on your rates. It all adds up to sometimes astronomical rates that leave people wondering how they could ever... [Read More...]

Florida’s Accessory Law On The Hanging Truck Balls

Distraction, Crude of Funny? Are these truck balls distracting? Florida seems to think so which is why the state has made these “truck nutz” illegal throughout the entire state. It’s but another crack down on freedom of expression. If caught driving around with a pair hanging you can be fined as much as $60. I personally think spinners, cell phones, texting and even bumper stickers can be more distracting than a pair of fake... [Read More...]

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