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    Avoid Driving Without Car Insurance, Driving Uninsured, Low Down Payment Plans

    So many drivers drive without insurance due to the high expense of auto insurance, and limited funds. The truth is it just isn’t worth the risk. We’ve developed a better quote service to help you find the lowest car insurance rates you can afford. Many low car insurance plans today also offer a low down payment so you can get insured without paying an arm and a leg.

    Driving Without Insurance – Common Questions

    Can I drive without car insurance? What will happen if I get caught? These are a couple of the questions that come to mind when trying to live with limited funds. The truth is yes, you can drive without insurance – but not without consequence. If you get pulled over your fines for driving uninsured can be extremely high, probably the cost of a typical annual policy. Some states may sentence you to serve jail time if caught driving uninsured. These are just a couple of the unfortunate things that may happen if driving uninsured.

    What if I get into an accident with no insurance?

    If you have no insurance, who will pay for the bodily injury or property damage you cause to the other driver and/or vehicle? They may start by putting you in jail and taking a look at any assets you may have. If your car is still running they may take that and try to sell it to help with the expense of the loss. If you own your own home they may take a look to see if there is any equity in the home. Do you have any other vehicles or assets they can take from you?
    Insurance is to protect you from both financial loss and to keep you legal while driving on public roadways. For as little as $30 a month you won’t have to drive around worried about being pulled over or taking a chance on losing assets due to smaller fender benders. Low limit policies still leave you open to financial risk in the event of a serious collision. It’s not uncommon for a bodily injury claim to make it into the six figure range. Also, most new vehicles today cost well over $20,000, where some state minimum liability policies require as little as $5,000 for property damage coverage.
    The best way to get low cost car insurance is by comparing quotes from multiple agents. Each company has its own algorithm for determining your rate. The only real way to find the company with the best car insurance rate is by comparing quote from several companies. It’s recommended you compare quotes at least once every couple years.

    How many people drive without insurance?

    Mississippi has the highest percentage of uninsured drivers a whopping 26% followed by Oklahoma, Alabama and California who sits at 25% uninsured motorists.

    25% of drivers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco and surrounding areas throughout California drive every day without insurance. This means there is a 25% chance that if someone crashes into you, they don’t have coverage and you may be out of a car for awhile. This is a good reason to get comprehensive and collision coverage. This is also a reason why full coverage, comprehensive and collision, may be more expensive in these states. There’s more of a risk and chance that this coverage may need to be used if you find yourself the victim of an auto accident where the other driver has no insurance. This often times is the reason for hit-and-run traffic crimes.

    The states with the highest percentage of insured drivers are Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and Nebraska. In a 2006 study, Maine has the lowest percentage of uninsured drivers (4%). Out of these 5 states Nebraska sat highest with 8 percent of drivers driving uninsured.

    Our resource can help you comparison shop for lowest auto insurance rate offers.

    Get low auto insurance with a inexpensive low down payment for your new car or a used vehicle by comparing quotes with local Agents. Independent Agents can find you cheaper car insurance for single drivers and married drivers by quoting the insurance companies that are best fit to offer you’re the cheapest car insurance rate. We are networked with a variety of Agents, some who keep you legal for less and others who can put together a auto home or auto renters package policy. Whether you need the state required liability policy or a little extra car insurance coverage, our Agency network is in the best position to better service your needs.

    Compare quotes today and begin saving more.


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