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Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Have you ever wondered who really has the cheapest car insurance rates? If you ask an agent they may tell you, “It depends on the Driver”, and that Agent would be absolutely right – but how about a hint. Insurance companies target different age groups and various types of drivers and they also consider the amount of coverage they prefer to write.

Provided below is some information to help give you a basic idea of what insurance company has the cheapest auto insurance based on age alone. I cannot guarantee these are the cheapest insurance companies for you, however I’ve had the opportunity to quote several different types of drivers and these are some of the trends I’ve seen.

Trends Show Who Has The Best Auto Insurance Offer By Age

The Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors
Senior drivers with clean driving records may spend less than $200 a year on auto insurance – with the right company. Some companies are notorious for saving older drivers money include The Hartford, Travelers and Metlife. Farmers is also a favorite amongst the more experienced drivers. Farmers rates can be competitive and they are also great with service and claims handling…


The Cheapest Car Insurance For Young Married Couples
Metlife, Progressive and Geico are some companies offering great rates for married couples. Metlife Auto & Home may be the winning choice if you have no marks on your driving record. Progressive and Geico generally offer competitive rates to younger drivers with their rates being even further discounted if you’re married.


The Cheapest Car Insurance For Young Single Drivers

I’ve found Progressive, Geico and 21st Century to offer very competitive premiums to younger drivers. There are also plenty of local Agents out there who promote buying state minimum coverage and offer cheap rates to young drivers who just need the state required liability.


Know What Company Wants Your Business!

If you pay close attention to commercials you’ll find that insurance companies will let you know what type of drivers they want to insure. In many cases the cheaper car insurance will come from the company that is targeting you as a customer.

Have you seen the Travelers commercial with the dog who dreams up nightmares about his bone being stolen? Who is Travelers targeting? The answers simple – people who are more concerned about protecting their valuables rather than the price of the policy. Progressive on the other hand promotes the idea that they have the lowest prices. They communicate this with their price gun and their “name your own price” campaign. There are also companies promoting the idea of insuring you just enough to be legal and seem to have no concern over the amount of coverage you buy.

Perform A Thorough Quote Comparison For The Lowest Rates

Patience, never let yourself be satisfied with one or two quotes. The range of premiums offered by companies for one person’s coverage is truly staggering. Where one company charges $2000 a year, another may only charge $600. This is a very common range in premium you’ll see after comparing quotes between 8-10 companies.

The best way to find out who really has the cheapest car insurance is by comparing quotes from multiple companies both online and with local insurance agents.

Here Are 3 Ways We Help Shoppers Compare Quotes

Multiple Local Quotes

Start by entering your zip-code above. You may then choose to request insurance quotes from up to 5 local agents with only having to fill out a single secure form online. Up to five local agents will go to work for you to get you the auto insurance you need at the lowest price possible.

Find The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes Online

If you prefer to review quotes online instead of receiving quotes from multiple agents, we also provide the online option. Enter your zip and select online direct quotes so you may review insurance carriers serving your area who can provide you with instant quotes.

Call Your Local Independent Agent

We also provide a directory of independent Agents who have access to several “A” rated insurance carriers. Connect with a local independent agent. You can also read some more tips and strategies to get cheap car insurance rates.