How Much Is Homeowners Insurance, Average Cost By State

Homeowners insurance rates vary from state to state as living in different areas will bring various risks. [Read More...]  Read More →

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

A standard homeowners policy comes packed with a variety of different coverage. Here are the basic outline of coverage you will find included on a typical homeowners policy. Coverage (A): Dwelling Coverage (A) protects the home itself and anything attached to the home. Generally, your homeowners insurance policy will pay up to the policy limit in the event of damages caused by fire and storms. Tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters... [Read More...]

Replacement Cost Insurance Coverage Versus An ACV Policy

What Will It Cost To Replace Your Home? Insurance providers offer a variety of different home insurance packages, not all of these home policies offer replacement cost coverage on your property.  A replacement cost home insurance policy will help you bridge the gap to avoid having too little coverage in the future due to inflation in the event of a covered loss. Also, with an actual cash value policy your insurance claim will be assessed at fair... [Read More...]

Dwelling Fire Policy Discount By Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost released news of new dwelling fire policy package and discount offered to Landlords in the state of Ohio for their New Platinum Package. Foremost has worked to improve their Dwelling Fire Program in Ohio and now customers have a way of building their own package or opt for the Landlord Platinum Package. Foremost shares how this new package provides for a great benefit to it’s customers and the intention is to offer enhanced coverage... [Read More...]

Get The Best Insurance Coverage For A Competitive Price – Auto | Home | Umbrella

To determine how much coverage to buy its best to simply ask yourself, what can I lose if I seriously injured another person and that person came back around to try and take anything they can from me to help pay for the financial damages. If I wanted to get the absolute best auto insurance for more financial protection, how would I go about this? Dismemberment of an arm or leg could cost several hundred thousand for hospitalization alone. Then... [Read More...]

Is Sewer Backup Included On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Did you know there‘s a serious risk of sewer backing up into your home? This can be one stinky mess that you definitely want covered. Heavy rains can easily cause a backup in the sewer causing it to clog the mainline and begin coming into your home through toilets and other drains. In many cases, sewer backup coverage is an additional endorsement you must select at the time you purchase your homeowners insurance policy. It may cost as little... [Read More...]

Most Not Covered By Flood Damage Caused By Hurricanes

Hurricane Irene Floods Homes A typical homeowner’s policy does not cover damage from floods. Therefore much of the damage caused by flooding from Hurricane Irene was not covered and homeowners are left with paying for the damages. This is the reason why so many homes went without repair after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. The Insurance Information Institute did a poll this year and determined that 14% of homeowners in the U.S have flood insurance. The... [Read More...]

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Fallen Trees and Large Branches?

Yesterday evening I was sitting in my living room when from the back yard I heard a loud prolonged CRACK. Not sure what to expect I found that two large branches on this huge Palo Verde tree snapped. It was the first time I found myself glad to see my kids being lazy on the couch instead of playing outside. It could have been a lot worse if they were playing under the tree or climbing it. Here’s some information on how insurance companies... [Read More...]

Ultimate Guide To Comparing Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

Find Better Auto and Home Insurance For Less Until you see the savings, shopping for auto and homeowners insurance is never fun or entertaining.  It takes time, patience and its helpful to have some insurance knowledge.  Whether you’re looking for a cheaper auto and home insurance rates or better coverage, you’ll find what I’m about to tell you very useful. Companies will often sell you the idea that if you package your policies with their... [Read More...]

Get Lower Homeowners Insurance Plus A Homeowners Insurance Refund

Did you know that changing your homeowners insurance company can put a little extra money in your pocket? When canceling a homeowners policy the Insurer may have to pay you a nice refund for unused premium. How It Works: Let’s say 6 months ago you purchased a homeowners policy for $650 a year. What happens if you replace that insurance with a new policy prior to the renewal date. Well if you replace this particular policy 6 months prior... [Read More...]

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