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    To determine how much coverage to buy its best to simply ask yourself, what can I lose if I seriously injured another person and that person came back around to try and take anything they can from me to help pay for the financial damages. If I wanted to get the absolute best auto insurance for more financial protection, how would I go about this?

    Dismemberment of an arm or leg could cost several hundred thousand for hospitalization alone. Then you have to think, can this person carry on their job after recovery. If not, who’s going to pay for the loss of income? Another worse case scenario; what if the other driver dies leaving a family to go on without him or her and without a monthly income?

    These are the worse case scenarios which do happen every day.

    If you choose to buy the best insurance coverage to protect your assets, you may want to also insure yourself with an umbrella policy. Umbrellas are much more affordable than you may think and you get a huge amount of coverage so you no longer have to worry about losing everything you’ve worked so hard earning.

    So what exactly is an umbrella policy?

    The umbrella insurance is a liability insurance policy that will protect both the Insured’s assets and future income above and beyond the standard limits of the policy holders auto liability coverage. This coverage may also fill in gaps where your standard auto policy does not cover. Generally an umbrella policy is sold in increments on one million dollars. Not only will it help cover auto liability claims but can also cover homeowner claims as well, hence the term umbrella (multiple lines of insurance under the umbrella).

    For more complete protection, in regards to umbrellas, there are limit requirements prior to being able to buy an umbrella policy. These limits may be a little different from one insurance company to the next.

    For example, an insurance carrier may require you carry minimum $250,000/$500,000 of (BI) bodily injury coverage on your auto liability limits before becoming eligible to purchase an umbrella policy.

    Our insurance quote system supports both local rate comparisons and national rate comparisons. We recommend you work with a local agent for coverage with higher than average limits of liability. To get the best coverage for the most competitive price our system will allow you started by comparing auto insurance quotes between 4 to 5 local insurance agents. To begin your quote simply enter your zip-code above and follow our simple online quote form.

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