State Farm’s 20 Percent Rate Hike… Seriously?

State Farm customers in Texas may not be so pleased by the rate hikes. 2 Judges in the State are considering the Consumer Advocates challenge as these rate hikes for homeowners may be considered to high. This rate increase is currently affecting 1.2 million homeowners in the State. Why the rate hike? Public insurance council claims this increase was imposed dispite good profit and a drop in claims. State Farm attorneys are considering weather... [Read More...]

Dwelling Fire Policy Discount By Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost released news of new dwelling fire policy package and discount offered to Landlords in the state of Ohio for their New Platinum Package. Foremost has worked to improve their Dwelling Fire Program in Ohio and now customers have a way of building their own package or opt for the Landlord Platinum Package. Foremost shares how this new package provides for a great benefit to it’s customers and the intention is to offer enhanced coverage... [Read More...]

Progressive Insurance Cleveland Ohio Looks To Fill 150 Jobs

Progressive Insurance plans to fill 150 positions in sales, service and claims at its Cleveland area locations by the end of December 2011. Progressive, a leading Insurer for auto and motorcycle insurance, offers competitive rates with an easy online platform to make changes to your auto insurance policy. By the end of December 2011, the company plans to fill 150 jobs for sales, service and claims in Cleveland, Ohio. The basic responsibilities of... [Read More...]

Most Not Covered By Flood Damage Caused By Hurricanes

Hurricane Irene Floods Homes A typical homeowner’s policy does not cover damage from floods. Therefore much of the damage caused by flooding from Hurricane Irene was not covered and homeowners are left with paying for the damages. This is the reason why so many homes went without repair after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. The Insurance Information Institute did a poll this year and determined that 14% of homeowners in the U.S have flood insurance. The... [Read More...]

Aiken County South Carolina Recognized For Lower Than Average Insurance Fraud

The Augusta Chronicle recently announced a low average of insurance fraud cases in Aiken County, South Carolina. Of the $14.5 million in suspected fraud cases, South Carolina, $66,000 was accounted for suspected fraud in Aiken County. There were a total of 13 cases out of 600 that originated out of South Carolina. It was also reported that of the $14.5 million, auto insurance related fraud made of $11.9 million. Fraud is one risk taken into consideration... [Read More...]

Keep Your Low Car Insurance In North Carolina

North Carolina lawmakers are attempting to push SB 490, a bill which could greatly effect the auto insurance rates offered to North Carolina Drivers. North Carolina is currently the 8th state for the lowest auto insurance rates. Could this be changing soon due to SB 490? North Carolina’s Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is opposed the bill and explains how this bill will take some of the commissioners authority away, authority that any... [Read More...]

Cop, Attorney and 7 Others Arrested For Insurance Fraud Scheme

A big insurance fraud scheme was uncovered by a 13 month investigation conducted by the DA’s insurance fraud unit. Those busted in this crime include a Philadelphia police officer, a personal injury attorney, seven insurance appraisers and a Philadelphia collision repair shop – University Collision Centers. This scheme netted this group of fraudsters millions over four years. A total of 11 suspects were charged for what some call a victimless... [Read More...]

Arrest of California Insurance Broker Announced

Sometimes we come across stories of Greedy Agents who actually think they can get away with selling fake insurance so they can keep the full premium. What are these people thinking? Recent news indicates such a case where Paul Daniel Cornejo, 29, a California licensed Broker was arrested at his home residence in Adelanto, California. Cornejo was arrested on four counts of Grand Theft, three counts of Forgery, two counts of Theft by False Pretense... [Read More...]

Pennsylvania Low Income Health Insurance Plan To End In February

As predicted by several financial experts, the subsidized health insurance program in Pennsylvania is set to end February 28th. Currently AdultBasic, PA’s current low income health insurance is insuring nearly 40,000 residents with another 400,000 still remaining on the waiting list. After negotiation an agreement was made with Blue Cross which would waive the normal restrictions with those dealing with preexisting conditions who move to the... [Read More...]

Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Progressive Corp has always been a great company with superior customer service and easy auto insurance policy online management. Some earlier news this year showed a 15% loss in the first part of 2010. Claims have also risen 3.5% in 2010’s first 6 months ending on June 30th with a total of $4.97 billion. One question I hear sometimes is, “why did my insurance rate go up, I haven’t had any accidents, tickets or claims?” Sometimes company... [Read More...]

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