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    Aiken County South Carolina Recognized For Lower Than Average Insurance Fraud

    The Augusta Chronicle recently announced a low average of insurance fraud cases in Aiken County, South Carolina. Of the $14.5 million in suspected fraud cases, South Carolina, $66,000 was accounted for suspected fraud in Aiken County. There were a total of 13 cases out of 600 that originated out of South Carolina.

    It was also reported that of the $14.5 million, auto insurance related fraud made of $11.9 million. Fraud is one risk taken into consideration by the insurance company when rating an individual’s auto policy. When a county shows a lower than average insurance fraud, this could possibly result in lower than average insurance rates for residents of this county. There are of course many other factors taken into consideration such a accident statistics in this county compared to other counties, age of the driver and each individuals driving history.

    In 2009 Aiken County had a population of 156,017. Our last crime data we were able to come up with was reported in 2005. Crime data is also used to determine rates for auto, home, health and life insurance. Provided below is that data.

    • Assaults: 208
    • Auto thefts: 328
    • Burglaries: 778
    • Murders: 7
    • Rapes: 53
    • Robberies: 59
    • Thefts: 1540

    Aiken County Health Insurance

    According to a study conducted by the CDC shows that on a score rating between 1 and 5, Aiken County is a 3.5 for general health. The reports also showed that over 70% of the residents exercised within the last month. However, with this being reported the average weight of residents is reported to be higher than the average.

    The average weight of men: 198 lbs.
    The average weight of women: 162 lbs.

    With health insurance rates being as high as they are, exercise and good health is quickly becoming the one thing people can do to significantly reduce health insurance quotes and rates offered by companies. With a healthy body comes very little risk of health issues – not to mention a healthier more fulfilling life. Making lifestyle changes is difficult but can be very rewarding.

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