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    Most Not Covered By Flood Damage Caused By Hurricanes

    Hurricane Irene Floods Homes

    A typical homeowner’s policy does not cover damage from floods. Therefore much of the damage caused by flooding from Hurricane Irene was not covered and homeowners are left with paying for the damages. This is the reason why so many homes went without repair after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

    The Insurance Information Institute did a poll this year and determined that 14% of homeowners in the U.S have flood insurance.

    The most common type of flooding that is covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy is flooding from a busted pipe, keyword busted; slow leaks that cause damage often are not covered as insurance companies will argue the cause of water damage was due to maintenance that should have been kept up with by the homeowners, even though sometimes the slow leak is somewhere inside a wall where you could have no idea a leak actually exists.

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