2013 New Year’s Resolution – Meet My Insurance Policy…

Now Christmas has past and now we are left with a little less money, a little more weight and maybe some hints of gift unwrapping frenzy. The New Year is quickly approaching and now we can be thinking about possible New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you have one already in mind. Some of the more common resolutions include diet, exercise and better money management. Your insurance policy can play an important role for each of these. Financially Benefit... [Read More...]

Aiken County South Carolina Recognized For Lower Than Average Insurance Fraud

The Augusta Chronicle recently announced a low average of insurance fraud cases in Aiken County, South Carolina. Of the $14.5 million in suspected fraud cases, South Carolina, $66,000 was accounted for suspected fraud in Aiken County. There were a total of 13 cases out of 600 that originated out of South Carolina. It was also reported that of the $14.5 million, auto insurance related fraud made of $11.9 million. Fraud is one risk taken into consideration... [Read More...]

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Grant For Wisconsin’s Uninsured Expectant Mothers

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield announces $150,868 grant which will be used to help low income mothers and the expecting uninsured to obtain prenatal care. This will help new expectant mothers avoid early complications. This grant will help the Woman’s Outpatient Center at St. Joseph help provide high-quality prenatal care to an estimated 250 expectant mothers. Without this grant the health of these expectant mothers and babies would... [Read More...]

Texas Department of Insurance Gets Involved

Texas Health Insurance News Some new changes within the Texas Department of Insurance will help customers deal with what used to be uncontested insurance rate increases. In previous years your insurance rates could have spiked 50% without any interference from the Department of insurance. Now these kind of rate increases must be justified under the new federal health care overhaul. So basically under this federal law, insurance providers will be... [Read More...]

Reduce Weight, Expenses, Health Insurance – Pack A Lunch

Is it big enough? ~ low-insurance.orgOne thing I keep wondering is how far fast food restaurants are going to take it. It seems like every time I turn around the sandwiches are getting bigger. Is the burger in the picture the burger of tomorrow? Fast food chains also have a way of making these high calorie meals easy so to afford which makes it very easy for us to fork over the couple bucks for the amount of food we get in return. Let’s... [Read More...]

Alabama Will Not Implement Government’s New High-Risk Health Insurance Pool

Gov. Bob Riley, Friday, April 30, 2010, said the state of Alabama will not implement the federal Governments new (high-risk) health insurance pool for those who are unable to get private coverage. The deadline for participation of this new federal care plan was Friday. Alabama isn’t the only non-participant state; several other states have opted out of this plan including Hawaii, Louisiana, Nebraska, Mississippi, South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia,... [Read More...]

Wisconsin Has A New Health Insurance Program

It’s called the BadgerCare Basic Program. This program was just passed the Legislature on Wednesday. It provide a basic health insurance for Wisconsin residents. Now Thousands who were not insured now can look the BadgerCare Basic program as a way to stay covered with the state funded health care coverage. This will be for Adults who have been on the waiting list for the BadgerCare Core plan. About 34,000 people currently make up the waiting... [Read More...]

Finding The Right Health Insurance Plan For You

Shoppers who are in search of an affordable low cost health insurance plan are faced with many decisions concerning the type of plan needed. A few common decisions made include deductible amounts, copays and perscription costs. Besides these choices you will need to make what about the type of health plan. The four main health plans offered are the HMOs,PPO, HSA and the FFS. Below I’ve provided a few details concerning each plan. The... [Read More...]

Low Insurance And Your Vehicle Experience

  Did you know the longer you’ve owned the vehicle you insure may play a role in the rating depending on the Insurance company. Some insurance companies do in fact take this type of information into consideration when supplying a rate quote. Why is this? It’s simple, the longer you own a car, the more comfortable you will be behind the wheel of that vehicle. With years experience with the same car you’ll have a better... [Read More...]

News On The Health Insurance Amendment

After a marathon session that ran well past midnight, the Senate Finance Committee on Friday passed a major milestone in its work on legislation to remake the health care system and provide coverage to millions of the uninsured.” The Senate Finance Committee recently finished it’s work on the Health Care Amendment. Many have stuggled with the idea of being forced into purchasing health insurance. Some panel members agree. Heres a few... [Read More...]

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