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    Finding The Right Health Insurance Plan For You

    Shoppers who are in search of an affordable low cost health insurance plan are faced with many decisions concerning the type of plan needed. A few common decisions made include deductible amounts, copays and perscription costs. Besides these choices you will need to make what about the type of health plan. The four main health plans offered are the HMOs,PPO, HSA and the FFS.

    Below I’ve provided a few details concerning each plan.

    The HMO Insurance Plan

    Basically the HMO, short for Health Maintenance Organization, is a health plan comprised of networks containing several health care organizations. This plan would generally be the low cost health insurance solution for someone shopping on a slim budget. Those who have an HMO are to select a Primary Care Physician who is the one the Insured will need to see prior to receiving other direct medical services.

    The PPO Plan

    PPO is short for Preferred Provider Organization. This plan gives you a little more control than the HMO Plans regarding the health care professional you select. This typ e of plan is very common and is a great option for those in search for a good insurance plan. With comparison shopping, shoppers can find a decent PPO health plan at an affordable price.

    HSA Plans

    The HSA or Health Saving Account. Tax free contributions are made to this account. This account will pay for health care needs once the deductible is met. These plans are generally offered as a plan for employers and business owners.

    The FFS Health Plan

    This plan refers to the Fee for Service Health Plan (FFS). Basically you pay for the service that you need and then this plan will reimburse you for a portion of that fee.

    We provide a few ways for customers to compare quote for health insurance. Comparison shopping is the #1 strategy to save more on health insurance. The end result to shopping for health insurance is to not only to save more on health insurance but to get a plan that’s right for you.

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