Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Have you ever wondered who really has the cheapest car insurance rates? If you ask an agent they may tell you, “It depends on the Driver”, and that Agent would be absolutely right – but how about a hint. Insurance companies target different age groups and various types of drivers and they also consider the amount of coverage they prefer to write. Provided below is some information to help give you a basic idea of what insurance... [Read More...]

Get The Best Insurance Coverage For A Competitive Price – Auto | Home | Umbrella

To determine how much coverage to buy its best to simply ask yourself, what can I lose if I seriously injured another person and that person came back around to try and take anything they can from me to help pay for the financial damages. If I wanted to get the absolute best auto insurance for more financial protection, how would I go about this? Dismemberment of an arm or leg could cost several hundred thousand for hospitalization alone. Then... [Read More...]

Is Sewer Backup Included On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Did you know there‘s a serious risk of sewer backing up into your home? This can be one stinky mess that you definitely want covered. Heavy rains can easily cause a backup in the sewer causing it to clog the mainline and begin coming into your home through toilets and other drains. In many cases, sewer backup coverage is an additional endorsement you must select at the time you purchase your homeowners insurance policy. It may cost as little... [Read More...]

Why We Choose The High Deductible For Car Insurance

There are a few reasons why one may choose to go with a higher deductible on their auto policy. The deductible is the amount you must pay your insurance company before they handle your claim. 1. You choose the higher deductible to lower your premium. 2. Some drivers don’t drive often feeling like they have a lower risk. 3. You have the money to afford a high deductible and so you retain the risk. 4. We sometimes believe nothing can happen to us. 5. Some... [Read More...]

A Lottery Ticket Helps Utah Driver Reduce Risk

A recent story was published about a woman who won the lottery and took extra precautions to make sure that she could safely get her ticket to the lottery headquarters located a state away. Cindy Flint, Brigham City, Utah resident drove nearly 300 miles to Boise Idaho with a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million. During this journey she kept the ticket locked away in a fireproof safe. I guess she figured that if she fell victim in a deadly car... [Read More...]

Monsoon Season Brings A Pile Up To Phoenix

Just last weekend I was up visiting family and celebrating with them my brother-inlaws birthday. We ended up coming back to Tucson on Sunday around 4:00pm. The road conditions were pretty bad with a mixture of rain followed by a thick dust storm about half-way to Tucson. Thankfully we made it home safe but that wasn’t the case for everyone. Within a couple hours of us reaching home the main I-10 freeway had a 69 car pile up. This... [Read More...]

What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Fact: 6,000 Pedestrians Killed Each Year In U.S. Medical payments coverage is a type of medical coverage offered in auto insurance policies. Each state has different requirements as far as auto insurance is concerned. While some states may require you carry this coverage, others may have medical payments coverage an optional coverage. Although medical payments coverage may offer greater flexibility in health care, some find it unnecessary to purchase... [Read More...]

The Risks of a Rodent, Don’t Let A Rat Be The Cause of Your Claim

Mouse at Work Low-insurance.orgIt’s really unknown how many insurance claims are called in each year due to rodent problems. Mice and other rodents can quickly turn your home into a ticking time bomb. One thing a rat may do is chew through electrical wire, and sometimes even plumbing. With chewed up electrical wire or plumbing you may be days away from experiencing a flooded kitchen or even a fire. I remember a couple months back my sister was... [Read More...]

Keeping It Safe With Electricity – Avoiding Shocks

Shocking - Low-Insurance.org Many people take up the challenge of doing their own electrical work. This goes especially for those who may have purchased a new ceiling fan or someone trying to install inset lighting in their home. It’s good to know your limit. There are several mistakes you could make while trying to install your own electrical work. One thing many forget to do is turn off the main switch before starting the work. How people... [Read More...]

Preparing Youth For Life’s Unexpectancies

Risky Fun ~ low-insurance.orgI was randomly looking at photos online of some of the crazy things some people do. In the photo shown you see a child laying on what looks to be a huge freaking snake. I wasn’t sure exactly what to think of this. Where are his parents? Did they train him to lay on snakes. I have kids and have put them in certain activities like baseball, dance class or even karate. “I haven’t thought to myself,... [Read More...]