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    Preparing Youth For Life’s Unexpectancies

    Risky Fun ~

    I was randomly looking at photos online of some of the crazy things some people do. In the photo shown you see a child laying on what looks to be a huge freaking snake. I wasn’t sure exactly what to think of this. Where are his parents? Did they train him to lay on snakes. I have kids and have put them in certain activities like baseball, dance class or even karate. “I haven’t thought to myself, I would like to train my child to lay on huge anacondas.” Now the parents probably know very much about snakes and probably are snake handlers themselves. What if they weren’t. Could you imagine one day walking outside to see your kid chillin on a snake of this size?

    Where’s the insurance lesson in this? Our kids don’t understand risk fully. Understanding risk is a skill that is only built in time with both age, wisdom and experiences we have throughout life. Whether this kid knows what he’s doing or not, are the parents training the kid to be aware of the risks life throws us? I think this is a necessary chore for parents whether our kids are into motocross or “snake laying”. Ignorance may be the leading cause of death.

    Anyways, all risk aside the picture is entertaining. I wonder if it’s comfortable – like a leather sofa. Could you imagine laying on this thing while watching television?


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