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    The State of Oregon Has Pay As You Go Car Insurance

    How is the pay as you go automobile insurance computed in the state of Oregon? Discounts are given. Some insurance companies base their premium rates on mileage or some kind of time-based schedule. Oregon favors this and offers tax credits to encourage it. This is a good incentive for drivers to use this type of policy.

    An insurance company does not automatically receive tax credits for pay as you go policies. A formal program must be set up first. Then the company has to use time of day or number of miles to calculate the premium rates. The ultimate goal is to allow drivers who travel limited distances to pay less for their automotive insurance. This is a reward for reducing greenhouse gas and excessive use of fuel.

    What is Available in Oregon?

    It is not surprising that this is not an extensively available policy. There are 134 insurance companies in the state. There are only three that offer pay as you drive policies for personal automobile drivers. There are more that offer them for business vehicles, however. Technical requirements are, a logging device installed in your car and a port to plug it into.

    Consider Three Insurance Companies and the Programs they Offer

    Travelers Home and Marine gives a three percent discount. You can receive a 20 percent discount in addition. You have to drive under six miles a week to get it. National General Assurance Company makes it available for OnStar customers. There are six discount levels that range between five and fifty percent.
    The third is Progressive Universal, which offers between five percent and 25 percent as a discount. The amount is based on total mileage and the time of day or night you drive. Your discount is reevaluated each time you renew your automotive coverage.

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