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Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Are you 18-24 years of age?  If so, you know what it’s like feel over-charged for auto insurance.  Those of you who are male teenagers get hit the hardest with high insurance rates.  For many young drivers, this may seem unfair as you’ve committed to driving safe and follow the rules of the road.

However, as we speak, there’s some young driver out there who is opening up his or her modified Acura Integra.  Since there are a higher average of young drivers making bad driving decisions, rates are increased across the board for all young drivers.  Although the odds are against you, this doesn’t mean there is no way to find cheap young driver car insurance.

Auto Insurance Companies, Get On Their Good Side

I’ll be blunt.  Insurance companies are lacking trust in your driving ability if you’re under the age of 25 and even more so if you’re under age 20.  So what can be done to earn their trust after generations of young drivers doing them wrong?  The answer is to avoid sharing things in common with certain young drivers.

Young Driver Vehicle Types:

A 22 year old male driver with a Mustang presents a huge red flag.  If the young driver buys a Mustang, more than likely this Mustang owner likes speed.  Speed is the number one cause of fatal accidents.  Insurance companies would much rather offer a policy to a young driver with a slow 4-door sedan than some muscle car.  The same thing goes for four-wheel drives.

Basic rule of thumb: Any vehicle that is built to do more than normal daily driving or cost more to repair are going to cost more to insure.

Cheap Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers and Teens

If you buy a vehicle with monthly payments you’ll be required to maintain collision and comprehensive insurance coverage.  Regardless of fault, the lien holder wants to be sure the vehicle is covered in the event of an auto accident.  If you buy an older inexpensive car without having to make continuous payments, you’ll be able to buy a liability only policy.  With liability-only the insurance company will not pay to repair your vehicle in the event of an accident.  With this being the case, your insurance rates are going to be much less.

Liability insurance:  Liability policies only pay out for damage and/or injury caused to the other motorist in the event you are the negligent (at-fault) driver in the auto accident.

Do You Live With Your Parents?

Having yourself added to your parents’ insurance plan is one of the best ways to achieve reduced auto insurance rates.  However, you may have to make it worth it to your parents as their overall insurance premium will be much higher with you on their policy.

Good Grades Will Not Only Help You Land A Good Job:

Statistics have shown that students with a higher GPA are less likely to cause auto accidents.  Almost every auto insurance company out there offers a generous discount for being a good student.  So this is another way you can avoid being put in that group of high risk drivers.

Young Drivers MUST Compare Insurance Quotes

Young drivers must compare quotes if serious about saving money on  auto insurance.  This is a crucial step in finding better insurance rates.  The variance between the premiums offered by insurance companies is nothing like any other product offered.  While one insurance company offers a policy for $1200 a year, another company may offer the same coverage for well over $3,000.  If you haven’t compared quotes yet, just go for it.  You’ll find that rates vary significantly – especially for younger drivers.

These Driving Tips Can Help You Thousands

By following these tips you can avoid tickets and accidents.  These two occurrences can be detrimental to your insurance rates.  As a young driver, one single mistake can increase your insurance premium by hundreds.  Here are some things you can do to earn your safe driver reputation.

  • Stay Alert

  • Do not operate the motor vehicle when you are sleepy.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

  • Stay Focused

  • Don’t allow anything or anyone to take your attention away from the road.

  • Talk only if comfortable doing so. Ignore your passengers if they distract you.

  • Don’t allow the radio to take your attention off the road.

  • Don’t talk on your cell phone.

  • Never engage in texting while behind the wheel.

  • Always Buckle Up

  • Wearing your seatbelts reduces the risk of a fatality if there is an accident.

  • Insist on passengers wearing their seat belts.

  • Never Drink Alcohol or Use Mood-Altering Substances

  • Even one drink can render you less capable of operating a motor vehicle safely, The statistics indicate that 60 percent of teen drivers who have an automobile accident are under the influence of alcohol at the time.

As you continue driving responsibly, insurance companies will begin to trust you for the responsible driver you are.  Responsible young drivers can save thousands throughout their early 20s compared to peers who have received a few tickets or have been negligent in an auto accident.  There are so many better things you can do with you money than spend it on tickets, accidents, traffic school and court appearances.


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