Replacement Cost Insurance Coverage Versus An ACV Policy

What Will It Cost To Replace Your Home? Insurance providers offer a variety of different home insurance packages, not all of these home policies offer replacement cost coverage on your property.  A replacement cost home insurance policy will help you bridge the gap to avoid having too little coverage in the future due to inflation in the event of a covered loss. Also, with an actual cash value policy your insurance claim will be assessed at fair... [Read More...]

Is Sewer Backup Included On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Did you know there‘s a serious risk of sewer backing up into your home? This can be one stinky mess that you definitely want covered. Heavy rains can easily cause a backup in the sewer causing it to clog the mainline and begin coming into your home through toilets and other drains. In many cases, sewer backup coverage is an additional endorsement you must select at the time you purchase your homeowners insurance policy. It may cost as little... [Read More...]

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Fallen Trees and Large Branches?

Yesterday evening I was sitting in my living room when from the back yard I heard a loud prolonged CRACK. Not sure what to expect I found that two large branches on this huge Palo Verde tree snapped. It was the first time I found myself glad to see my kids being lazy on the couch instead of playing outside. It could have been a lot worse if they were playing under the tree or climbing it. Here’s some information on how insurance companies... [Read More...]

Cop, Attorney and 7 Others Arrested For Insurance Fraud Scheme

A big insurance fraud scheme was uncovered by a 13 month investigation conducted by the DA’s insurance fraud unit. Those busted in this crime include a Philadelphia police officer, a personal injury attorney, seven insurance appraisers and a Philadelphia collision repair shop – University Collision Centers. This scheme netted this group of fraudsters millions over four years. A total of 11 suspects were charged for what some call a victimless... [Read More...]

Why We Choose The High Deductible For Car Insurance

There are a few reasons why one may choose to go with a higher deductible on their auto policy. The deductible is the amount you must pay your insurance company before they handle your claim. 1. You choose the higher deductible to lower your premium. 2. Some drivers don’t drive often feeling like they have a lower risk. 3. You have the money to afford a high deductible and so you retain the risk. 4. We sometimes believe nothing can happen to us. 5. Some... [Read More...]

Monsoon Seasons Bring Flood Loss To Arizona Discusses The Flood LossTake advantage of budget friendly resource and comparison quote system to begin saving today! During the months of May and June, residents of Arizona notice the weater tends to be very dry and warm. However, as july comes around afternoon clouds begin building over the mountain areas of northern Arizona. At this time the skies will begin to release its stored moisture. In Arizona, the monsoon represents the... [Read More...]

When To Involve The Insurance Company – Car Vs Tree, Comprehensive Claims

Car Vs Tree - Comprehensive Claims Today I was browsing pictures and came across this one. This is a picture of the results of a bad wind storm. I don’t exactly know how this happened but I believe the wind blew this tree down and somehow jammed a large tree stump underneath the vehicle which was parked nearby. It doesn’t appear that any major damage was caused to the vehicle by the looks of the picture but how can we tell the extent of the... [Read More...]

What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Fact: 6,000 Pedestrians Killed Each Year In U.S. Medical payments coverage is a type of medical coverage offered in auto insurance policies. Each state has different requirements as far as auto insurance is concerned. While some states may require you carry this coverage, others may have medical payments coverage an optional coverage. Although medical payments coverage may offer greater flexibility in health care, some find it unnecessary to purchase... [Read More...]

The Risks of a Rodent, Don’t Let A Rat Be The Cause of Your Claim

Mouse at Work Low-insurance.orgIt’s really unknown how many insurance claims are called in each year due to rodent problems. Mice and other rodents can quickly turn your home into a ticking time bomb. One thing a rat may do is chew through electrical wire, and sometimes even plumbing. With chewed up electrical wire or plumbing you may be days away from experiencing a flooded kitchen or even a fire. I remember a couple months back my sister was... [Read More...]

Significant Increase in Specific Auto Claims Becomes Questionable

When it comes to auto claims, insurance companies have a pretty good idea of what kinds are made and how many there should be during a given time period. If there are a lot more specific auto claims being made, that could lead the company to question the validity of those claims. One of the ways that these same companies keep their low car insurance rates available is through the investigation of these claims, so they can stop any fraud that might... [Read More...]

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