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    Monsoon Seasons Bring Flood Loss To Arizona Discusses The Flood Loss
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    During the months of May and June, residents of Arizona notice the weater tends to be very dry and warm. However, as july comes around afternoon clouds begin building over the mountain areas of northern Arizona. At this time the skies will begin to release its stored moisture. In Arizona, the monsoon represents the second season of rain for Arizona with the first rainy season occurring earlier in the year; typically November through April.

    Monsoon season is also what keeps restoration companies alive. If you haven’t been up on your roof in a few years, it may be wise to go see if it needs maintenance. Cracking on your roofs coating can leave small opening for water to come slowly come in and creat a future disaster. It’s especially important not to allow your roof to have low spots where rain water cannot run off. Over time these types of small pooling areas can lead to way for water to find its way into your sealing. There’s stories of the cielings of homes callapsing due to much water being collected in the crawl-space above. Most times you will see bubblinng of your ceiling and wall paint which is about the most obvious indicator that houston we have a problem.

    A Personal Experience:

    I happen to run into some flooding issues myself; this happened about a week ago. My situation was a little different; a part in my cooler broke which sent water into my home. The bubbling around ceilings and walls was noticed and this happened from the center area of my home all the way to my east exterior wall. What a drag. I’ll be sure to discuss the outcome as I have filed a claim. We are still in the middle of the insurance and repair process. Since this was a “break” my homeowner’s insurance company has been cooperative and helpful in getting the right people out here to take care of the restoration. As I spoke with the guy managing the work he mentioned how the monsoons were keeping them busy. In fact, as they were assisting us with the drying out process, he got another emergency call from a person who had a whole room ceiling callapse. I suddenly didn’t feel as bad about my own situation.

    More On Slow Leaks:

    Generally slow leaks or damage from a poorly maintained roof will not be covered. I personally feel that slow undetectible leaks which result in major damage should be covered. One may ask, how am I to know if a pipe begins slowly leaking somewhere in my walls or ceiling? After doing a little research I found one way detection can be accomplished without too much trouble.

    First you must wait until everyone within the household is finished using water. This means no toilets flushing, the dishwasher’s off, no laundry or showers in use; you get the idea. When absolutely no water is being used you can then locate your water meter, open the lid and then write down the meter reading in a notebook. You can then check it in the morning before everyone wakes to determine if the reading is the same. There is also a main valve to your home you can shut down in order to stop water to your home to avoid any further water loss, or to compare meter readings before the main valve is shut and after. Anytime your closing or opening this outside valve be sure to do it very slow. You don’t want a rush of water pushing through your piping system.


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