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    How Do Insurance Companies Handle Fallen Trees and Large Branches?

    Yesterday evening I was sitting in my living room when from the back yard I heard a loud prolonged CRACK. Not sure what to expect I found that two large branches on this huge Palo Verde tree snapped. It was the first time I found myself glad to see my kids being lazy on the couch instead of playing outside. It could have been a lot worse if they were playing under the tree or climbing it.

    Here’s some information on how insurance companies handle a fallen tree or branch. Policies vary by company so the information below is general information regarding fallen trees.

    • If a tree on your own property falls on your neighbor’s house and causes damage, it will be your neighbor who will need to file a claim with their homeowners insurance. Many people assume it’s the fault of the homeowner from who the tree belongs. The only way this could possibly be the fault of the homeowner is if the tree was dead and expecting to fall – where the damages could have been avoided.
    • If a tree happens to fall on your vehicle or the neighbor’s vehicle then the vehicle owners auto policy may cover the damage if the policy was written with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages, other than collision, to your vehicle including hail, theft and in this case fallen trees. A deductible will need to be paid first prior to filing a claim.
    • If a tree or large branch falls but causes no damage, although some companies may provide coverage for removal, generally homeowners insurance will not pay for the removal of the tree. If there was damage to your home or a detached structure the homeowners policy would cover both the damage and the removal of the tree.

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