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    Cheap Insurance Quotes For Young Drivers

    One of the best ways for young drivers to get cheap car insurance is simply by comparing insurance quotes from several carriers.  However, if you limited on time and you want to quote just a few companies, I’d recommend you start with these three as they have a pretty solid track record for offering competitive insurance rates to students and young drivers.

    21st Century is highly recommended for finding affordable auto insurance if you happen to be a younger driver, or a student.  Here are a few quick tips for young drivers considering 21st Century for their next insurance carrier.

    21st Century offers some drivers discounts for completion of a defensive driving course.  The course must be recognized by the driver’s applicable state MVD.  21st Century also offers a good student discount if you are in high-school or college.

    Progressive is another leading insurance carrier known to provide great discounts to young drivers.  Often times, young drivers have to pay more due to the number of other young drivers making mistakes.  Progressive’s snap-shot device can help the younger crowd prove to this insurance company how safe you really are behind the wheel, regardless of your age.  Drivers also receive a snapshot discount.

    Geico is our third chosen candidate for providing the younger generation with more affordable auto insurance rates.  They have a few discounts where young drivers can take advantage.  Geico also offers discounts for completing a defensive driving course.  Younger drivers can also take a driver’s education course at school for a discounted rate.  Good student discounts are also offered through this carrier.  If you are between 16 and 25 years of age, holding a “B” average can save you up to 15%.

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