New 4-Wheel Drive Owners, Play it Smart

It generally costs a little more to insure off-road vehicles including 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs. With the extra power comes more risk and some people just can’t handle the capabilities of a 4×4. Here are a couple examples. There are literally thousands of videos much like the ones presented below.  Read More →

We All Must Take Risks, Be Smart – Be Selective, Low Insurance Follows

Helen's Thoughts on RiskWe take risks each and every day. We begin taking risks the moment we step out of bed. Taking a risk is a part of life and the ones who live life to the fullest generally take a lot of risks. This can be someone who loves to travel, enjoys sports or takes part in other hobbies. With life we must take risks, the risks we take sometimes define who we are and how we want to live our life. Now this doesn’t mean go out... [Read More...]