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    We All Must Take Risks, Be Smart – Be Selective, Low Insurance Follows

    Helen's Thoughts on Risk

    We take risks each and every day. We begin taking risks the moment we step out of bed. Taking a risk is a part of life and the ones who live life to the fullest generally take a lot of risks. This can be someone who loves to travel, enjoys sports or takes part in other hobbies. With life we must take risks, the risks we take sometimes define who we are and how we want to live our life.

    Now this doesn’t mean go out and take risks without being selective. There are both necessary risks and then the risk we must avoid.

    Necessary and Positive Risks => Some may say that’s an oxymoron.

    • Driving to work or to the store.
    • Taking a vacation to a new place.
    • Taking Your Child To Nascar or a Monster Truck Rally.
    • Relocating due to a work opportunity elsewhere.
    • Asking someone you like out for coffee.

    The Bad Risks:
    We’ve all made bad choices. Life has its own learning curve.
    How many of the following have you done in the last 6 months.

    1. Speeding or driving wrecklessly.
    2. Driving far distances while tired.
    3. Driving while intoxicated.
    4. Doing your own electrical work.
    5. Putting off chores like insulating water pipes.
    6. Illegally supplimenting your income.

    Risk Questionaire Chart:
    Share your story? Decide on how many of the six you’ve done…

    1 OF 6: I’m nosy, Which one did you do?
    2 OF 6: Has it affected your life or others?
    3 OF 6: Do you have high insurance rates?
    4 OF 6: How’s life treating you?
    5 OF 6: Have you been to prison?
    6 OF 6: Did you do one while doing the other?

    Comment below

    While some risks we take can enrich our lives and make living enjoyable, some risks are not
    even worth taking. We can only take so many risks before something happens, why waste some of
    our tokens on things like speeding or being wreckless?

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