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    When buying a homeowners policy you’ll find that you’re buying much more than insurance for the structure itself. You’re also buying personal liability insurance as well as personal property insurance. With being able to insure your personal property you want to be sure you have documentation of what you own. This could be a picture or a receipt. It’s a good idea to take an inventory prior to buying your homeowners policy because more often than not, you’ll find you own more than you assumed.

    It’s a good idea to use a fire safe to hold photos and receipts of property you own whether it’s a bedroom set or something as small as an alarm clock. Remember, all the little items add up and having a complete record will help you receive full payment for your property in the event of a total loss.

    With technology today, there’s really no need to go print off a thousand pictures. If you or a friend has a digital camera, this makes it easy to take a photo inventory and save it to a few discs or a couple flash drives. You may want to keep the records in different places, maybe one in a fire safe and another in a safety deposit box. If you can find a couple safe places to keep this data, there’s better chance it won’t be lost or destroyed if there comes a time you need it. You can also take a video recording and go room to room covering the whole house. This is one of the faster ways to take an inventory of what you own. However, to make the best choice when deciding how much personal property coverage to select, its best to do an estimate on the value of each item you own.

    There are some specialty items that your personal property coverage will only pay out a certain amount for. Your home insurance policy generally pays out only a specific amount for jewelry, guns and money. If you have a valuable collection of jewelry or guns you should never expect your home policy to cover the total value. Special limits must be applied to certain property you own. It’s important to review your policy to make sure you understand exactly what is covered and for what amount.

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