Should I Really Shop Around For Car Insurance?

It really boils down to your answer to two questions. If you answer no to each of these two questions, than it probably doesn’t matter so much to you where or who you buy coverage from. Q1: Do You Care About Price? The most popular benefit to shopping around is the savings. By getting quotes from multiple companies you have the ability to compare the cost and you’ll more than likely find a company willing to sell you the coverage you need... [Read More...]

Ultimate Guide To Comparing Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

Find Better Auto and Home Insurance For Less Until you see the savings, shopping for auto and homeowners insurance is never fun or entertaining.  It takes time, patience and its helpful to have some insurance knowledge.  Whether you’re looking for a cheaper auto and home insurance rates or better coverage, you’ll find what I’m about to tell you very useful. Companies will often sell you the idea that if you package your policies with their... [Read More...]

Let’s Continue Improving Our Teen Driving Education and Responsibility

One of the Biggest Distractions Today We all understand there’s a risk to putting our Teen behind the wheel. I believe there’s always room for improvement with the implementation of more Driving programs and courses as well as setting certain in-home solutions to help build more responsibility for our Younger Drivers. Heres one way to help your Teenager become a more responsible young driver. I know one Mother who had 3 teenagers all... [Read More...]

Insurance Fraud Raises our Rates

Although so many of those who attempt fraud get caught, some will slip through the cracks. What does this mean for the rest of us? You guessed it, our rates are adjusted to make up for these types of loss. I say, “What a crock!” We continue having to pay for the crimes others commit; not only through taxes but through increased insurance rates as well as security systems. When you come to think about it, most insurance policies both... [Read More...]

Insurance Basics, Insurance Facts, Principle of Indemnity

Principle of Indemnity Diagram                                      So what is insurance. Insurance is defined as protection against a financial loss. Insurance is here to protect us against the common risks we face on a daily basis. Risk is defined as a chance of... [Read More...]

Student Risks, Student Insurance Options

As a student it pays to really know how to shop around for the insurance coverage you need.  The cost of attending a new school or even moving away from home can be exhausting.  Cutting costs wherever possible is key to a more comfortable transition. The Risks Students Face: Driving Risks There are many risks students face when they move away from home to attend a new University.  Unfamiliar traffic lights and new scenery may lead to a higher risk... [Read More...]

Insurance Risk

Saving money where we can is an important skill we must build when it comes to surviving; especially in Today’s economy. While some people tend to cut back on their day-to-day spending, others are looking for new ways to save money on things that they must pay. One thing that we’ve found, at Low Insurance and Security, is more people are looking for low cost insurance solutions to assist them with their budget. Insurance premiums can really... [Read More...]

Waukegan Illinois Insurance, Illinois Insurance Coverage

Number of ways for Waukegan drivers to find a cheap auto insurance rate. First off you have to determine exactly how much coverage you need. With the more coverage you to add to your policy the higher your insurance rate will go. Many people get coverage they necessarily need. It happens every day. Somebody has a $1500 vehicle and kids collision coverage added to the policy. In then turn around and choose a $1000 deductible to lower their premium.... [Read More...]

Should Bad Credit Matter

An insurance shoppers credit rating can make a significant difference in their insurance premium rate. I often ask myself, should this really matter? Goodness, how many families have went into foreclosure due to our struggling economy? I’m not a credit expert but it’s pretty obvious having a foreclosure on record will lower one’s credit rating. [Read More...]  Read More →

Shopping for Personal Insurance Coverage

When shopping for personal insurance coverage, most if not all independent insurance agencies will not charge any fees. You may wonder if Independent Agents can provide the same discounts as you would recieve when working directly with an Insurance Carrier. [Read More...]  Read More →

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