Insurance Fraud Raises our Rates

Although so many of those who attempt fraud get caught, some will slip through the cracks. What does this mean for the rest of us? You guessed it, our rates are adjusted to make up for these types of loss. I say, “What a crock!” We continue having to pay for the crimes others commit; not only through taxes but through increased insurance rates as well as security systems. When you come to think about it, most insurance policies both auto and homeowners have special coverages to help protect from loss caused by criminal activity. Although we cannot control the actions of others, we can continue protecting ourselves from others who want to make these negative choices. When it comes to fraud, some of the best investigators in the United States are indeed working for the insurance companies. The less fraud that occurs, the easier it will be for insurance companies to offer lower insurance rates.

I recently read a story about a slip-and-fall scam that happened in Mesa in December of last year; (2009). Apparently one guy entered a business with the idea of planting a hotdog for his trailing partner to slip and fall on. Sounds like something out of a cartoon. Like you wouldn’t see a hotdog. Anyways, the problem with their plan is they met up with each other “inside” the store before the hotdog incident occurred. Cameras clearly shown the Man and Woman together talking before the hotdog was even set. The camera even shown the Man carefully plant the hotdog after taking a good look around. A little later the woman he met up with in the store slipped on it and was taken to the hospital for her so-called injuries.

If your considering fraud as a way to get out of debt or to just supplement your bank account, please reconsider. Attempting fraud will most likely lead to felony charges and even prison time. It’s just not worth it. This week look out for another article detailing some of the “less intelligent” fraud cases recorded.

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