How Much Insurance Should I Get?

This is a common question asked by many who are in the process of shopping around for coverage. Many Drivers go for the state minimum coverage. There are many ways to save on insurance, asking for the minimum coverage probably shouldn’t be one of them. For twice the liability coverage you’re only going to see a very slight increase in premium. If you are driving a beater, have no assets and feel your already struggling financially, state minimum coverage is a good place to start. When you do become more financially secure and begin building assets, it’s very important to increase your coverage to protect yourself. The goal is to have enough coverage to satisfy the claim so your own property won’t be at risk if the other Driver were to take you to court.

How many people drive without Insurance?

Did you know that it’s been estimated that the uninsured rate will increase from about 13% to 16% in 2010? That’s huge! If 16% of drivers are driving with no coverage there’s a good chance someone that crashes into you just may not have any coverage. With this in mind you may want to add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy. This way if an uninsured motorist totals your vehicle your own policy will cover the loss instead of being left without a car. If the other Driver can’t afford auto insurance there’s a good chance they can’t afford to buy you a car to replace the one they totaled.

Explain How Auto Liability Coverage Works:

During the quote process you will be asked to select your limits of liability. These limits vary from state to state. If you’re in Arizona your state minimum limit requirement is 15/30/10. With this coverage if you are negligent in an auto accident this is how these limits would work. (15) $15,000 paid by your Insurer for one person’s injuries not to exceed (30) $30,000 for all injuries. (10) $10,000 or coverage for damage caused to the vehicle you hit. There are so many cars on the road today worth well over $10,000 and the cost of bad injury can exceed $15,000 in no time flat.

This is why it’s recommended to increase these limits to better protect you in the event something does happen. To save more on auto insurance consider these auto insurance tips.

Comparison Shop for Insurance

Insurance premiums between companies vary big time; sometimes up to $1000 a year. This is why it’s important to re-shop your coverage from time to time. Our site provides a way for you to comparison shop they way you want to. Compare rates online or request quotes from several local Agents.

Shop Early

The earlier you shop for auto insurance the better off you will be. If your current policy doesn’t expire for over 2 weeks, the Insurance Company who is providing you with a quote is going to want to work with you even that much. You’re a responsible driver who takes care of your insurance priorities in a timely manner. There will be an opposite effect if you try to shop for insurance 5 or 6 days after your prior policy has lapsed. One more option is to pay for your policy to begin on a future date. Let’s say you find a good quote on the 15th but need your new insurance to go into effect on the 30th. If you purchase this policy on the 15th you may be eligible for a future effective date discount offered by many insurance companies.

Combining Policies

Many Insured’s will combine their auto and home insurance coverage with the same insurance company. This will earn the insured a discount on their auto coverage. Although this works in many cases it doesn’t work in all cases. When getting quotes for both your auto and home be sure to compare the best package to the best individual quotes. Is insurance package with company ‘C’ better than auto insurance with company ‘A’ and homeowners insurance with company ‘B’?

Be Honest about Driving History

The insurance Agent is going to learn about each and every ticket or accident on your record whether you mention it or not. You want your comparison quotes to be rated accurately the first time around so you don’t feel you need to do it all over again. Basically every Agent that gives you a quote will begin by going off the information you give them. If you decide you want to go with an Agent they will then pull your MVR and Clue records prior to issuing the policy.

I hope this auto insurance information and tips came of use for you and if you would like to compare quotes on auto insurance today that’s great. You can begin by clicking compare auto insurance quotes. We also provide information regarding choosing an insurance deductible that works for you. Thanks for your visit!

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