Online Marketing for Local Insurance Agents

The internet is a great way to build some more business and here are a few tips for those who may or may not have a website and are new to online marketing.

First off, your website should provide a few ways for your local shoppers in search of insurance to get in touch with you. A contact number and even a message form are great things to have on your website. However, you should be careful with forms due to the rise with online spam. However, forms are really useful for those shoppers who just want the quote without the sales pitch. Once your website provides all the standard information needed one thing you’ll want to do is make sure its listed on the Yellowpages website. The Yellowpages doesn’t only let you list your company for free, they’ll also allow you to provide a web address to insurance Agency’s website. Now it’s time to get connected with Google. Google currently has the largest share of online web searchers, therefore it’s extremely helpful to have a local listing with Google set up. You can do this by setting up an account using Google’s Local Business Center.

Another way for Agents to earn more business online is buy getting involved in your local community forums. Most forums have a user profile area where you can provide information about yourself and what you do. Other forums will actually let you provide a signature with a link to your website at the end of each of your posts.

Social Networks like Facebook are great for restoring friendships from years ago. In society today we are sometimes pushed to other areas for work, our kids, etc. Joe from high school might not even know you sell insurance. If you can maintain friendships with those who have moved to other areas within the state, this is another good way to build your book of business. This also works for networking with other professionals throughout your city whether it be your tax guy, computer guy, and several other businesses you work with. Let’s say you trade cards with your tax guy, what are the chances that card will be pulled out in the event that person doesn’t need insurance? The answer is probably never. Now instead of trading cards what if you both are added to eachothers network of contacts on Facebook. Now your tax guy will see your smiling face from time to time regardless whether or not he’s shopping; and of course you’ll see his. While the tax person isn’t buying insurance today, his nephew may need a quote. The more active you are with updates, comments, etc. the better chance the nephew will be in touch with you for his insurance needs.

These are just a few ways to increase your online business and the best thing about each of these strategies is they’re absolutely free. I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you’re and Agent and would like to have this blog post a helpful article for others in the industry please feel free to send any article ideas through the comment area provided below. Thanks for visiting.

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