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    College Student Auto Insurance, Low Car Insurance For Students

    Statistics Have Shown That Students With Good Grades File Less Claims

    As a college student, finding affordable auto insurance may seem impossible! Until you turn 25 it will almost always be expensive, especially if you are male! In addition, many college communities have higher accident occurrences which will also have a noticeable impact on your rates. It all adds up to sometimes astronomical rates that leave people wondering how they could ever afford to comply with financial responsibility requirements in general. Is there a way out of this and into affordable insurance premiums? Here are a few things that may bring you to this (or at least much closer).

    Always yearn to drive safely and get even better at it. Staying out of accidents and not getting tickets doesn’t really need to be mentioned. They will raise your insurance rates at any age, though will often have much heavier consequences when you are younger.

    Your great grades may pave the way! Many insurance companies (through their insurability tables) are considering grades in one form or another. It is a factor that may show that some are a lower risk. Particularly those that strive to do the right thing, by doing their best at what they are expected to do. When considering auto insurance make sure to ask about this with any and all carriers you consider. It’s quite possible that being in the top 20%, 3.0 GPA (or better), or B average (or better) will influence some of them to reduce the amount you have to pay to drive legally.

    Your credit score is another direction you can use to reduce your insurance rates. Today most insurance companies are paying attention and consider those that pay their bills more responsible and less risky. Rather than max out those credit cards you have managed to get, it would be wise to keep the balances low, and pay more than the minimum due each month. Through this you will find a long life of good credit in addition to the possibility of cheaper rates much sooner for your car coverage.

    Most insurers also have discounts for those that drive less, and carpool more. These discounts can be very useful if you live on campus or nearby. Between the already short drive and sharing the load with others in the same vicinity, you might be able to take another amount off what you pay. Be sure to ask your agents about this when shopping around, though often the questions they ask you will also reflect on this aspect.

    One other place you may find considerable reduction in your premiums is through driver education. Many jurisdictions have programs which mandate reductions (by law) that you can take. Often these are provided by private driving school instructors. Some may still be able to benefit from ones offered by many school systems as well. When shopping for insurance, you may want to ask what courses they accept to reduce rates, and you may find additional things you can do to further reduce your price.

    The WORST way to bring your rates down is being uninsured. If caught, you will probably come out with much higher rates in the long run, maybe gain criminal charges, and very possibly lose your privilege to drive even! It’s not worth the risk as it might cost more than even a conviction of drinking and driving. In many jurisdictions it is considered criminal, and multiple offenses can even bring felony charges in some places. DWI and driving without a license also carry strict penalties that can cost you significantly at the insurance agent no matter how much you shop for the best rates.

    In the end, you just want to get ahead in life, and be able to keep up with things along the way. Through shopping, good practices and effort you can get there. Just don’t fall for the first quote you get and you too can find reasonable rates considering your situation.

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