What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Fact: 6,000 Pedestrians Killed Each Year In U.S.

Medical payments coverage is a type of medical coverage offered in auto insurance policies. Each state has different requirements as far as auto insurance is concerned. While some states may require you carry this coverage, others may have medical payments coverage an optional coverage. Although medical payments coverage may offer greater flexibility in health care, some find it unnecessary to purchase if in fact you already have a health insurance policy.

What Exactly Does Medical Payments Coverage Cover?

This coverage pays for medical expenses and sometime the funeral expenses for you and others riding with you as passengers. This coverage can also extend to pay for you or family members who are injured in another vehicle. This coverage will also go as far as to pay for any injuries of family members who are hit by a vehicle while walking. So even if you’re hit as a pedestrian, this coverage can pay for your expenses.

I heard about one case where an older woman fell out of her car as she tried getting out. During her fall she put her hand out to stop herself which was the cause of her broken arm. With medical payments coverage included on her policy she was covered for her injuries up to the policy limits.

Basic limits can be anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. This coverage will also pay out regardless of fault. As you know if you’re at fault in an auto accident, your liability coverage pays out to handle the other drivers injuries and property damage; not your own. If you are injured, this coverage will apply even though you were the negligent party.

Resource: https://low-insurance.org/top/medicalpaymentscoverage/

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