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    How To Get Low Car Insurance When Your 18 – Young Driver Insurance Tips

    Is it fast or just expensive to insure?

    Are you 18 years old or under 25 looking to purchase your own low cost auto insurance policy? You may have found that rates are very high and your next step is to try to find a car insurance that’s more affordable. What can you do?

    Do you still live at home?

    If you still live at home there is much opportunity to shop for policy that works for both your parents and you. By making an agreement with family to combine the risk on the same policy, hundreds will be saved. If you’re in the process of moving out, then other measures will need to be taken in order to lower your auto insurance rates.

    I moved out at 18, What I did to lower my auto insurance.

    I remember at the age of 18 I moved out and my car insurance rates went through the rough. I was 18 and wanted lower car insurance rates but needed to take drastic measures to get lower insurance rates for myself with having my own car insurance policy. One of the first changes I made to significantly lower the cost of my insurance is changing the type of vehicle I was driving. I had a Toyota Celica GTS and it seemed to cost more than it should to insure. The car was considered a sports car even though it wasn’t really fast at all. It was a sports coupe though and therefore it was rated as a sports car. I ended up trading it in and getting a small Nissan truck. Now one thing to keep in mind; trucks are not the best choice for low cost auto insurance. For the best and lowest insurance rates you may want to shop for a smaller sedan type vehicle. Anyways, the switch from the Celica to a small Nissan truck lowered my car insurance rate enough to enjoy the earned savings. I also chose a vehicle that was inexpensive. I no longer paid for full coverage, the collision and comprehensive coverage; I insured this truck with liability coverage only. The next thing I did was lighten up on the fast driving. Tickets are what make or break your insurance rates as a young driver. A single ticket can raise your insurance premium by $300 every six months. For a single ticket, by the time you pay the fines and the premium increases this could add up to more than a $1,000 a year. To think, going 35 in a 35 could save you $1,000… As a young adult, $1,000 can go so far. That’s a couple months rent or small a vacation with some friends.

    Here are some last tips I would like to leave you with.

    If you do get caught speeding or yielding though a stop sign, see what you can do to take a driving course. If the court offers the course as a solution to avoid points to your record, regardless of your age, take the course. Anytime you can avoid the 3 to 5 year effects a ticket can have on your premiums, you must consider it as an option.

    If you are pulled over always be polite. Police officers have to deal with the attitudes of younger teens and adults each day. They appreciate the time they can spend with a younger person who’s been raised with respect. Also make sure to have your registration, proof of insurance and ID ready for the officer. Don’t make the officer stand there and watch you dig through a bunch of paperwork in your glove box. In the beginning of driving experience I was horrible about this. I also live in Arizona where temperatures can get as high as 110 degrees and higher. Take it from me; no officer wants to sweat bullets while you search for your proof of insurance. I think every state has its share of bad weather.

    Comparison shop quotes for your auto insurance company. Some companies offer lower rates for young drivers and those who just turned 18 who may need a policy of their own. There are two ways you can do this. You can request a quote from a local independent Agency who can serve you by comparing rates of the several companies they represent or you can compare quotes online side by side.

    Resource: gives you the opportunity to choose between both of these comparison shopping options. With these options so many visitors have been saving more on auto insruance. Regardless of age, location or driving history, it’s always recommended you compare insurance quotes periodically to make sure your insurance company is offering you the lowest auto insurance premium for your current or new auto policy.

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