Florida’s Accessory Law On The Hanging Truck Balls

Distraction, Crude of Funny?

Are these truck balls distracting? Florida seems to think so which is why the state has made these “truck nutz” illegal throughout the entire state. It’s but another crack down on freedom of expression. If caught driving around with a pair hanging you can be fined as much as $60. I personally think spinners, cell phones, texting and even bumper stickers can be more distracting than a pair of fake testicles hanging below a trucks bumper. Most times I don’t even realize their existence.

However others have found it to be crude and distasteful. I do try to see both sides of an argument. I see how some may not want to explain to little kids, what exactly those things are hanging under the neighbors truck. But then again, I have kids and they’ve never even thought to ask me what they are, I believe they think it’s just part of the truck; maybe a special hitch. Some people figure everything is becoming distasteful in American from radio and TV to they type of clothing people wear. So the question may be, “why should I have to see fake rubber testicles on the way to work? Isn’t there enough crude things in life we must deal with?”

How about the risks? Are there any insurance risks to having these hanging from your vehicle? What if someone hit you from behind and they flew off and hit some pedestrian in the face? Could that really happen? I’ve never put balls on any of my vehicles. Are they installed pretty securely?

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I’d really like to get your views on the whole fake testicle car accessory issue. Are you for or against them? Do you find them to be a distraction while driving on the road?

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