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Compare Quotes for Reasonable Car Insurance Rates

Let Sunday bring forth a bit of honesty. Saving money on auto insurance isn’t always as easy as they say it is. It takes real determination to gather the information together, sit down in front of the computer and begin comparing quotes.

Before You Start

Before you begin, you need to go around collecting license numbers, vehicle identification numbers, dates, current policy information. If you don’t now, you’ll need to later. You’ll also want to collect driving history for each driver that will be included on the policy. This includes tickets, accidents and damage claims.

Be aware of Adjustments

Any time you get an auto insurance quote, you’ll be asked if whether or not you’ve been in an accident or received a ticket in the last 3 or 5 years. If you leave anything out, there will be an adjustment made, possibly after your insurance has already been purchased. All the hard work of comparing quotes will go straight out the window since some companies are more lenient than others in regards to violations.
So keep in mind, if you leave out that accident from 2 years ago, your initial quote may be less than what you’re currently paying – and you may move forward and buy the policy. The next payment may be higher with an explanation as to why your monthly payment increased.

Time to Compare Quotes

Now that you have all your information in front of you, including dates of any tickets, accidents and claims, it’s time to dive in and begin comparing quotes. You may want to get a paper and draw up a table with headings such as company name, 6 month premium, monthly payment, amount of coverage.

For apples to apples comparison you should quote the same amount of coverage between multiple companies. Sometimes at the end of an online quote you can adjust the coverage amount and the page will return a new rate. If you plan to quote companies individually and review different coverage options, be sure to add additional columns to your table for this.
We provide two ways to get quotes. You can either get quotes from individual online companies or you can compare quotes from multiple agents. You can do one, or the other, or both. To begin simply enter your zipcode above.

Good luck in finding a more reasonable car insurance rate!


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