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2013 New Year’s Resolution – Meet My Insurance Policy…

Now Christmas has past and now we are left with a little less money, a little more weight and maybe some hints of gift unwrapping frenzy. The New Year is quickly approaching and now we can be thinking about possible New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you have one already in mind.

Some of the more common resolutions include diet, exercise and better money management. Your insurance policy can play an important role for each of these.

Financially Benefit From Diet & Exercise

With a diet and exercise plan you will begin to lose weight and become a healthier you. With better health will come better health insurance offers. Insurance companies, like any other business, are in the business of making money. If they believe your good health is an indicator of fewer claims and less chance of serious issues down the road, they will be in a better position to provide you with health coverage at a reduced rate.

Smarter Financial Decisions in 2013

Are you planning to make wiser financial decisions this year? Maybe you’ve been driving with no insurance or very little.  Here are a few things to consider for 2013.

Are you driving without coverage?

Insurance will protect you financially in the event you’re in a collision. But what if you’re not in a collision and you just simply get pulled over. Tickets for driving without insurance are steep, sometimes exceeding $1000, depending on your local insurance laws. Either way, insurance is the key to protecting you as a driver financially.

Do You Carry Enough Coverage?

There is also the chance you don’t carry enough coverage. If you have a second home, a boat or other assets – listen. These things are at risk of being taken from you in the event you’re found negligent in an auto accident. If you cause an expensive trip to the emergency room, all it will take is a good lawyer to learn about everything you own which they may go after. For this reason, perhaps you may want to go with a policy with higher limits of liability coverage. More coverage generally costs only dollars more than state minimum liability, and with this better liability coverage you can feel a little more at ease that you won’t lose the extras you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

Whether you are looking for new insurance or better insurance, feel free to compare quotes using our online system in order to obtain offers from multiple agents competing for your business.


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