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    Monsoon Season Brings A Pile Up To Phoenix

    Just last weekend I was up visiting family and celebrating with them my brother-inlaws birthday. We ended up coming back to Tucson on Sunday around 4:00pm. The road conditions were pretty bad with a mixture of rain followed by a thick dust storm about half-way to Tucson.

    Thankfully we made it home safe but that wasn’t the case for everyone. Within a couple hours of us reaching home the main I-10 freeway had a 69 car pile up. This accident spanned over 2 miles. Drivers metion how the rains were coming down so strong, their windshield wipers couldn’t keep up. According to the news it doesn’t appear there were any killed although two were in serious condition. Nearly 40 needed to be medically evaluated.

    Remember to take extra precaution when driving in rain and other tough weather conditions. It’s sometimes best just to pull over and let the weather simmer down before continuing the course… Every year Arizona’s monsoon season brings much loss from flooding, accidents and more. Learn more about flood loss from monsoon season.


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