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There are a few ways to find low cost health insurance. One way is to apply online for a multiple rate quote. Click health insurance quote to begin a multiple rate quote with us today. The good thing about multiple rate quotes is it creates competition which results in lower rates. For low income families there are programs within Connecticut that will nearly pay all your health insurance premiums and visits.

1st option (Husky A): See Chart for Income Guidelines

The first option shown provides health care for kids under the age of 19 and their parents or caretaker who lives with the child or children.

2nd option: See Chart for Income Guidelines

This option provides free health care for pregnant women. Just as an FYI, the unborn child is also counted as a family member. Refer to the chart above for income requirements.

3rd Option (Husky B): See Chart for Income Requirements:

This option provides health care for children under the age of 19. Some co-payments will apply but most likely will be low. Call the number below for current rates and additional information.

4th Option (Husky B): See Chart for Income Requirements:

This option provides health care for children 19 years of age and under. The current monthly premium is $30 for the first child with a maximum monthly premium of $50. Regardless of the number of children, some co-pays will apply. Call the number below for more information if you qualify.

5th Option (Husky B): See Chart for Income Requirements:

Option provides health care for children under 19. This policy includes a group premium rate currently ranging from $158 to $230 monthly per child. Policy will include some co-payments.

For more information on all programs listed contact Husky at:
1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759) to:

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It’s good to know Colorado families have a variety of options for low cost family health insurance. is an online source to find low cost health insurance either through multiple rate quotes or health insurance programs available. For the lowest traditional family health insurance rates compare insurance quotes today.


Begin a quote


For child or pregnant adult health insurance needs CHP+ is a program worth looking into. Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) is a low-cost health insurance program for uninsured children ages 18 and under and pregnant adults. Currently CHP+ is providing insurance for over 57,000 children and 1,400 Pregnant women. If your interested in seeing if you qualify for answer the following questions to see if you or your child may be eligible for the CHP+ or the CHP+ prenatal care program.


1. Is there any children or a pregnant adult in need of health care in the family?
2. Add up the number of children + any unborn baby + number of parents or guardians that live in your home.
3. Is your family’s gross income near the amount in the chart below according to your family size from question 2?

It is important to note that child and elder care expenses, medical expenses, child support and alimony payments, can be deducted from your gross income. so your income can be above the amount and you may still be elible for the CHP+ Program.


4. Are the applying children and/or pregnant adult, US citizens?
If not, Have they had an alien registration number for at least five years?


For more information visit our directory of low income health insurance resources here.

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California residents can now find low cost health insurnance programs to best fit their needs. If you need a traditional health insurance coverage for just you or your family, one very effective way to find low rates is by applying online for a multiple rate quote. It usually takes about 5 minutes and gives you a great selection of insurance providers and rates to choose from. Click here to begin a quote.
For low income families, it may be worth your time to check into some Government Assistance Programs available for more affordable health insurance rates. The Healthy Families Program out of California is a low cost, low income health insurance that provides health, dental and vision coverage to children who do not have insurance today. When you enroll your children in Healthy Families, you have the option to choose the health, dental and vision insurance plans. This insurance pays for most of your child’s costs for doctor, dentist and specialist visits. With most Government Assistance low income health insurance programs this one has some income guidlines. See the chart below for income requirements.



1-800-880-5305: to apply or to get application status after you apply
1-866-848-9166: Healthy Families Member Services Line once you are enrolled

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Arkansas Health Insurance Option 1

For affordable health insurance it’s always a good idea to compare rates amongst more than one company. This is easier than it sounds. With only having to fill in one form you can compare low cost health insurance rates within minutes. To begin a multiple rate quote click here.

Low Income Health Insurance in Arkansas

Some families may have the option of enrolling in Government sponsored programs. In most cases this can save you much while giving you peace of mind knowing you or your children are covered. Below are a couple options available in Arkansas

Arkansas Health Insurance Option 2

The first option for low income families in Arkansas is Medicaid. Medicaid will reimburse health care providers for covered medical services provided to eligible individuals in specific categories. Eligibility is determined based on income, resources, Arkansas residency, and other requirements. Covered services also vary among categories. For information regarding eligibility and enrollment call 1-800-482-8988. For more information about the services covered by Medicaid call 1-800-482-5431

Arkansas Health Insurance Option 3

Another option for insuring children is the ARKids program. This program provides low income families health insurance for the children. This child health insurance offers two coverage options. ARKids A offers a comprehensive benefits package for low income children. ARKids B provides limited coverage for slightly higher income families. This program requires a small co-pay for most services.

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