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Valuable tips to help save you more on car insurance:

~Maintain a good driving record and clean credit history -- you could save up to 25% on your auto insurance rate on your next policy.

~Comparison shop for your car insurance company. For Car Insurance, the best combination is a low cost auto insurance rate and excellent service. By using our service you will be matched with 'A' rated insurance companies online.

~Before buying a car, determine if you can get a cheap car insurance policy for that particular car. Based on the features of a new car, it may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

~Take the highest deductible that you can afford to pay out-of-pocket on your collision and comprehensive car Insurance coverage. Doing this will also help lower your
car insurance premium.

~If you are looking to insure an older vehicle, consider dropping comprehensive or collision insurance coverage. It may not be worth paying for these types of coverage if the vehicle is not worth much. Just by following the tips above can help reduce your rates resulting in an affordable auto insurance coverage.

Low Car Insurance, Common Discounts

Features of your car may help you obtain additional discounts for auto insurance. If your car comes with passive restraint systems, anti-lock brakes or Anti-theft devices, you may be eligible for a discount depending on your Insurer. Most Insurers will lower your premium if your vehicle has any of the three features. Hybrids are also getting more recognition by Insurers. Travelers will give Hybrid owners a 10% discount on their premium.

Another way to save on auto insurance is by paying for your insurance in full. If you can, find a way to pay up front for six months of coverage, most if not all insurers will give you a discount. They save by not having to take the time sending you a bill every month while wondering if the premium payment will be made.

If you own more than one car always combine the coverage on a single policy. This will not only save you the headache of dealing with two different insurance companies, you will also be eligible for the multi-car discount.

If your a homeowner you will also see a lower premium than if you're a Renter. An additional discount may apply to Homeowners who insure their home and car with the same Insurance Company. This is known by Insurers as the multi-line discount.

Depending on the state you live and the Insurance Company, by taking a defensive driving course you may be eligible for an auto insurance discount. If you fit the criteria, many states will allow you to take one of these courses after receiving a citation. By doing this points can be kept from being placed on your driving record. This way you can maintain a low car insurance rate.

Education can go further than you think. There are a number of Insurers who offer drivers discounts for good grades. This is a great one for new drivers who already see higher rates due to less experience behind the wheel.

Insurers love safe drivers. Driving safe is always going to save you more when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Allstate and Statefarm, just to name a couple, will provide Drivers with additional discounts for a clean driving history.

Are you a federal Employee? Insurers sometimes will give special discounts to federal employees as well as Drivers who work with companies affiliated with the Insurance Company.

Understanding the Basics - Car Insurance Coverage

Provided below are number of insurance coverage types and common terms you should be familiar with.

Liablility Coverage: This type of coverage will only pay for the driver you hit. Coverage will pay for damage to the vehicle, pain and suffering, loss in wages due to injury and other medical expenses. Court costs will also be covered by liability insurance.

Collision Coverage: This will pay you for damages to your own vehicle in the event of collision with another vehicle or object. For all cars financed, this coverage is in most cases mandatory.

Comprehensive: Sometimes weather and vandals can hit you where it hurts. Weather a bad hail storm or some vandals come by and break a few windows, comprehensive coverage will pay for these types of damages. Damages to a vehicle that are not from an auto collision are covered with Comprehensive. Make sure to carefully read any exclusions when purchasing insurance.

Medical Coverage will pay medical costs resulting from an auto accident no matter who is at fault.

Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for bodily injury to the insured in the event the Driver who is "at fault" has no auto insurance coverage.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage is much like Uninsured Motorist except for instead of the at fault Driver having no insurance, they have insufficient coverage. This coverage will stack on top of what coverage the at fault Driver's insurance covers.

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