Every Woman Counts, California’s Free Cancer Detection Program

Every Woman Counts (EWC), part of the Department of Health Care Service’s Cancer Detection and Treatment Branch (CDTB), is a program in California which offers free breast cancer screenings to woman over 40 and cervical cancer screenings for woman over 21. You must meet these additional qualifications to receive either of these services, as shown below. have low income (EWC Income Criteria) have no or limited insurance are not getting these... [Read More...]

No Worries Obama, Our Site Still Works

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South Carolina Health Insurance Break For State Employees

The Senate approved a measure that would give an incentive to those who live a healthier lifestyle. Back in 2009, Sen. Greg Ryberg proposed increasing the premium $25 a month with the extra charge which was tied to the body mass index. With the belief that this would be too hard to administer, the bill died. With the new incentive state workers with a healthy lifestyle can now get a reduced health insurance premium. Greg Ryberg, R-Aiken says,... [Read More...]

Group of Volunteers Help Uninsured Cancer Patients In Arizona

Desert Cancer Foundation Arizona The Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona recently received contact from a recent patient who said, “You saved my life.” The Arizona Republic reports that due to the efforts of the Desert Cancer Foundation, 1,000 people with no health insurance have been screened with prostate exams and mammograms. DCF raises funds through grants, fundraisers and donations. This Foundation has no paid staff and no office so overhead... [Read More...]

Pennsylvania Low Income Health Insurance Plan To End In February

As predicted by several financial experts, the subsidized health insurance program in Pennsylvania is set to end February 28th. Currently AdultBasic, PA’s current low income health insurance is insuring nearly 40,000 residents with another 400,000 still remaining on the waiting list. After negotiation an agreement was made with Blue Cross which would waive the normal restrictions with those dealing with preexisting conditions who move to the... [Read More...]

Vermont Comes In First As The Nation’s Healthiest State

According to the America’s Health Rankings, Vermont keeps its position in being the healthiest state within the U.S. Factors to determine this are based on child poverty, obesity, disease, hospitalizations, number of smokers and availability of heath insurance. Northeastern states have done very in ranking on a higher tier for good health with Massachusetts coming in 2nd, 3rd place went to New Hampshire and there was a tie for 4th healthiest... [Read More...]

West Virginia Officials Begin Working On Health Insurance Exchange Program

Officials of West Virginia are researching how to set up the new health insurance exchange program. Still with some time to work on this, the deadline of the exchange program is set for July 1st 2014. Jeremiah Samples, West Virginia’s project manager for the Insurance Commissioner states that the goal of the exchange is to be sure that the maximum number of people can afford the insurance. In an exchange, health insurance companies must follow... [Read More...]

Affordable Health Insurance For Wyoming’s Uninsured

Wyoming was one state that opted for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. This plan was authorized last spring through the federal health care reform. A plan that was signed by Obama last spring has only attracted about 17 participants. This is an opportunity for those with chronic disease to get help since most plans offered to those with existing conditions come with very high priced premiums. This plan is there for both U.S citizens and... [Read More...]

Reduce The Risk Of Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure Map I remember as a kid it was normal to play outside hours on end – riding bikes, playing with the neighbors; it was all about playing outside without the fear of sun exposure. The truth is today’s sun exposure can put us at higher risk of age spots, early wrinkling, cellular damage, actinic keratoses and skin cancer. The most serious type of skin cancer is melanoma. Anytime you go outdoors for an excessive amount of time... [Read More...]