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    Pennsylvania Low Income Health Insurance Plan To End In February

    As predicted by several financial experts, the subsidized health insurance program in Pennsylvania is set to end February 28th. Currently AdultBasic, PA’s current low income health insurance is insuring nearly 40,000 residents with another 400,000 still remaining on the waiting list.

    After negotiation an agreement was made with Blue Cross which would waive the normal restrictions with those dealing with preexisting conditions who move to the Blues’ special care plan from the AdultBasic. It’s been mentioned that the Blues’ plan offers much less benefits at a much higher price than the AdultBasic.

    According to the Pennsylvania Association of Health Underwriters (PAHU), there are only a few solutions if the cost of AdultBasic rise with increases in demand:

    1. The legislation will have to kick people out of the program.
    2. Taxes will need to be raised on Pennsylvania citizens or businesses.
    3. Money will need to be taken away from other deserving needs such as education.

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