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    My Teenager is Now An Insurance Risk, Teen Driving

    As adults, when we first get into our car we begin the risk assessment process. This means looking behind us before we reverse and both ways before we get on the road. We assess the risks before we take action in driving. Often, we also try and see just how much risk we can get by with. Such as if the speed limit says 55, we push it to 65 or even more. We do not do this with out thought of the consequences, just in spite of them. We think about just what we believe we can get away with, and test if we are correct.

    This is not unlike many teens except the major difference is we have many, many years more driving experience in which to make the assessment of risk. The lack of judgment that is placed on teen drivers really equates to a lack of experience assessing risk behind the wheel. This leads to teen driver more frequently making bad choices than older drivers.

    The biggest issue is a teen’s lack of awareness that they do not have adequate experience or judgment to handle many risks on the road. They are unable to process what they have yet to develop. Since they are unable to see their lack of experience this will lead them to make argument that they are capable of much more than they really are. Many will use their great capacity for language that they have recently developed in school to convince their parents that they are more capable than they really are.

    Many parents make the mistake that because their teen is trust worthy and a good kid that they would never lie to their parents, that if they say they can handle it, they can. The problem is that teens really think they are capable, so in reality they are not lying. It is up to parents to be the wiser of the tow and set limitations on their teen drivers until the parent know the teen has the experience to back up their claims.

    Insurance companies are certainly not fooled by the arguments teens make to defend their abilities behind the wheel. Insurance companies take it much further than parents by proclaiming a person not fully experienced until the age of 25, and they have the research to back up this claim. Crash statistics show a significant drop in crashes for those over the age of 25 when compared just to a year younger.

    Insurance companies are also well aware of the fact that the first year a teen drives is going to be the riskiest for them to be insured. This is because the number one cause of death and serious injury to teens come from car crashes. Parents need to recognize these dangers as well by setting strict limits on young teen drivers. Your teen may not like you now but when they reach their 25th birthday alive, and uninjured they will understand what it was they did not know so many years ago.

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