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    New Car Insurance, Used Car Insurance, Reviewing Auto Insurance Rates This Christmas

    Christmas is approaching quickly and what better gift is there than a new car for your loved one or spouse. Many couples instead of buying each other a gift for Christmas go out and buy something together such as a car, home décor, a piece of furniture and other items that can be used by each other. This year I’ve found that a couple friends of ours have purchased new cars this year. What a nice gift.

    Buying A Car For Christmas Presents An Insurance Saving Opportunity.

    Whether it’s used or new, you want to be sure it’s insured with the rest of your assets. Now there’s the opportunity to save some money. Wouldn’t it be nice to save $400 a year on insurance after buying all of those enjoyable Christmas presents? The first thing you should do is see what your current insurer will charge for adding another vehicle to the policy.

    Once you have the new estimated quote then it’s time to shop the market. Insurance companies change the way they rate policies periodically. The company that offered the lowest rate 3 years ago is not the company offering the lowest rate today. You’re 3 years older than you were at that time and details may have changed such as tickets, marital status, address, type of vehicle, etc. So to make a long story short, to make sure you’re paying a fair premium you should first get your rated premium from your current insurance company, then compare quotes with a few more agents to see how much you could save if you change insurance companies. If the savings is minimal I recommend you stay with your current Insurer. If you can save several hundred by switching, why not make that switch? In many cases shoppers who compare quotes find more companies who offer more coverage for less.

    New Car Insurance Vs Used Car Insurance

    Whether you’re buying a used car or a new car, finding the best combination of coverage and cost is important. The cost of auto insurance isn’t always less on an older car versus a newer car. Some of the newer cars offer better safety features. Safety features are taken into account when insurance companies rate your policy. Whether you need new car insurance or used car insurance, the best way to save more is by comparison shopping several auto insurance carriers.

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