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    Buy A Renters Insurance Policy For Less – Low Renters Quotes

    Renters Insurance For Less

    Did you know renter’s policies can be as low as $60 a year, sometimes less? $60 a year is a cheap price for as much coverage you get with a renters policy. Also, if you get an auto insurance quote and combine it with a new renter’s policy you can get a discount on your auto insurance rate. For renters paying high auto insurance rates, this may be a way to save some money.

    A few companies represented by Independent Agents that offer low cost renters policies include Travelers, Progressive and The Hartford. By using the form above to begin comparison shopping renters insurance quotes, we can help you determine which company is offering the renters protection you need at a price that fits within your budget.

    While most renters insurance is pretty standard across the board, renters do have some options available to them. The first portion of a renter’s insurance policy is going to cover personal property. This is the coverage that helps a renter replace all their personal possessions in case of a fire, theft, and other perils.

    There are limits, however, to what property a renter’s insurance policy will cover. These limits are based on two financial numbers. The first being the total coverage limit which is what decided the maximum amount you can be paid for a claim. The second is how much of a deductible you will pay. The deductible helps protect the insurance company from a flood of small claims, keeping the over all administrative cost of the insurance company down and passing savings on to consumers. Generally the higher deductible you select, the lower your payment will be.

    Renter insurance policies also come with coverage for personal liability protection. This type of insurance will cover any medical care for those who may suffer an injury while in your home. This portion of your policy will go as far as to protect you from negligent loss caused away from the home. For example you and some friends go to the park to play football and you tackle the opposing team accidentally breaking their arm. If they come back to sue, a renters policy can protect you from this financial loss.

    Regardless of whether you buy homeowners insurance or renters policy, it is always recommended that you take pictures or video of all your property within your home. After a loss, such as a fire, it’s hard to remember every piece of property you lost. With a collection of pictures or video recording it will be easier to get reimbursed for the property you lost. Keep these in a safe place such as a fireproof safe.

    Remember, you really cannot rely on your landlord to cover your valuables in the event of a loss. There’s no need to start all over if a loss occurs. We enjoy helping shoppers find the affordable renters insurance policy right for their individual needs. Compare quotes and pay less for renters coverage today. Get a free insurance quote.

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