News On The Health Insurance Amendment

After a marathon session that ran well past midnight, the Senate Finance Committee on Friday passed a major milestone in its work on legislation to remake the health care system and provide coverage to millions of the uninsured.”

The Senate Finance Committee recently finished it’s work on the Health Care Amendment. Many have stuggled with the idea of being forced into purchasing health insurance. Some panel members agree. Heres a few of the members who spoke out for those who may not be able to afford it. Apparently Charles Chumar and Olympia Snowe are keeping us in mind!

Charles E. Schumer:

“We should not require anyone to buy a policy they can’t afford,”

Charles E. Schumer & Olympia J. Snowe:

“The amendment — proposed by Senators Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, and Olympia J. Snowe, Republican of Maine — would also exempt an estimated two million people who would face financial difficulties in buying even the cheapest insurance available.

The action came after lawmakers heard an impassioned plea from Ms. Snowe, who denounced the idea of punishing people who could not afford the insurance they would be required to buy under the legislation.”

Here are a few other positive statements mentioned in the the press release. You can find the entire article below.

“Hospitals said they were entitled to the exemption because — under a deal reached in July with Mr. Baucus and the White House — they agreed to contribute $155 billion over 10 years to the cost of covering the uninsured.”

“The amendment would also eliminate the possibility of criminal penalties for people who went without insurance.”

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