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    Recovering Your Financial Loss

    Accidents happen. If the accident is not your fault it’s always best to go directly to the other guys company when requesting payment for the loss amount. Some Drivers will simply go to there own company who will then subrogate against the other Driver for the loss. The problem with this is you need to pay the deductible before receiving a check from your Insurer. If the accident isn’t your fault, why should you have to pay anything? There are ways to recover your deductible but it can be a timely process. If you go straight to the other Driver’s Carrier, no deductible issues will come up.

    Now lets say you already filed a claim with your own Carrier you may want to make a call to the other Driver’s Carrier. Once on the phone ask for the Adjuster and see if they may reimburse you for the deductible amount and your Carrier for the loss amount. While most Adjusters will make this happen for you some may not be that easy to work with. If they are willing to work with you, they’ll more than likely request a copy of your declarations page to confirm the deductible amount listed on your policy.

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