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    Affordable Car Insurance in New York, NY Fights Back To Help Reduce Auto Insurance

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    According to the industry, New York drivers payout an average of $1,200 a year for auto insurance coverage, making New York State the home of the third-highest car insurance rates in the U.S.

    To keep the cost of auto insurance under control Charles Hynes, Brooklyn’s District Attorney and a the “Fraud Costs NY” group is pressing New York lawmakers to make this type of no-fault auto insurance fraud a felony in hopes that Drivers will think twice before attempting this crime. The less fraudulent claims that occur, the more affordable New York insurance rates will cost.

    According to recent news there has been an increase in fraudulent auto insurance claims in New York. The majority of staged auto accidents were found in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens area. An estimate provided by the insurance industry suggests that insurance fraud has cost insurance companies and drivers an excess of $241 million last year.
    The average no-fault insurance payouts in 2010 were up nearly 50% from 2004 at $8,800. This figure is also significantly higher than the national average.

    Just over 12,800 fraudulent complaints were reported to New York’s Department of Insurance last year, up from 10,117 reported five years earlier.

    While officials work on maintaining car insurance rates from increasing any further, here are some additional ways you find cheap car insurance.


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