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    Time To Change Your Homeowners Insurance?

    Changing your homeowners insurance can be easily done. Many find themselves nervous about changing insurance companies due to the chance that the process may be complicated.

    I decided to make a change my self. My prior company was charging about $600 a year for my homeowners policy. Basically the mortgagee would pay the annual premium every year and then charge monthly. I decided to make the change to American Commerce who was offering the same coverage for about half the price. During the policy upload process I requested the Insurer bill my Mortgagee. I then requested my current Insurer cancel the policy the date my new policy went effective. At that point my prior Insurer sent the unused premium refund check of about $500 to me. About the time I received the check I also received a bill of a little over $300 from my mortgagee for the new insurance policy. This move left me with a couple hundred in my pocket. Having an extra $200, before Christmas, is always nice.

    Now Does this sound Complicated?

    It may! But this is how I went about it because I’m an Agent. As a customer, your Agent should take care of all of this for you. The cancellation, issuing the policy, making sure the Mortgagee is in tuned with what’s going on. As a customer all you should need to do this is a copy of you existing declarations page, proof of ownership and the Mortgagee information. With these items along with the information about the house it shouldn’t be to hard at all for an Agent to request some quotes. You may also want to combine your auto and home with the same company. This will help with reducing the final rates. If you would like to request a quote from a local agent near you visit our homeowners insurance page found here.

    Good luck with getting a better deal on your Homeowners or Condo insurance and I hope you have a great day.

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