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Homeowners Insurance and Pit Bulls

One thing that can really determine your homeowners insurance rate is the type of dog you have. If you have a pit bull, your going to be limited on the number of companies that will insure your risk. The insurance company may also exclude coverage for any loss relating to a dog bite in order to write the policy.

I personally believe Insurance companies should inspect dogs at the time of the home inspection. Any dog can be a high risk. The reason we hear about the pit bull so often is because many pit-bulls attract bad dog owners. Not all, but there are several pit-bull owners who should not be in the position to own a pit-bull or any dog for that matter. As for pit-bulls, there are good pit-bulls and bad pit-bulls. I remember this friend of mine, he was a good-ole cowboy. He had three pit-bulls, all very obedient animals. Then I’ve had my experience where a couple pit-bulls chased me up the recycle bin in front of my house.

So below are a few photos I’ve come across and I’ll let you be the judge. Which pit-bulls made it on to Santa’s naughty dawg list.

Inspector Says.. Hmm...

Appears to be a happy pit!

Insurance Denied...

In Jail for biting the Inspector.

So far so good.

Once again, so far so good.

Hmm? Just walk by?

At least it's chained. Geeze

Good Dog.

Homeowners Discounts?


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