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Low Insurance Rates in Ohio

According to the Cinncinnati news on Channel 9, Ohio’s insurance rates continue to fall. For the third straight year in the State of Ohio, insurance premiums have reduced making Ohio the 11th lowest for auto insurance in the United States. Mary Jo Hudson from the Ohio Department of Insurance says, Ohio has continued to show a healthy, competitive market for auto insurance.

The report is based on the insurance rates from 2007 to the most recent information recorded. In 2006, Ohio held the 13th spot for lowest insurance rates in the United States. Now at the 11th spot, Ohio continues to offer it’s drivers a more competitive rate for auto insurance. Some Department Analysts do expect Ohio’s rates to slightly increase in the future.

Below are a few additional ways Ohio drivers can be sure they’re getting the lower insurance rates in Ohio.

1. Once a year comparison shop for auto insurance. This will help you be sure you are receiving the insurance rates you deserve.

2. Shop a month in advance. This shows companies you don’t wait till the last minute and can earn you a future effective date discount if you purchase your policy in advance.

3. Most of the time packaging your auto and home will save you money. However, sometimes you will be better off with one company handling your auto insurance while another handles your other insurance needs.

4. Drive safe and drive the speed limit. A single ticket can increase your rates significantly and for what, knocking a minute off your commute? I’ve learned this the hard way a few times in earlier years and many of us have.

5. Select a higher deductible which you can afford to pay out in the event you need to use your insurance. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be. It’s important to not select a deductible you cannot afford at a time of loss.

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