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    Reduce Weight, Expenses, Health Insurance – Pack A Lunch

    Is it big enough? ~

    One thing I keep wondering is how far fast food restaurants are going to take it. It seems like every time I turn around the sandwiches are getting bigger. Is the burger in the picture the burger of tomorrow? Fast food chains also have a way of making these high calorie meals easy so to afford which makes it very easy for us to fork over the couple bucks for the amount of food we get in return. Let’s not forget about the convenience of not having to make our own lunches.

    Fast Food: The Direct Expense:

    So let’s say you or someone you know eats fast food every day or most of the week. If they are on a tight budget and buy off the dollar menu, they’ll probably still pay about $3 for a full lunch plus tax. Over the course of a month, or roughly 24 working days, this will add up to about $72 a month for eating out. For $72 you could easily buy a bag of bread rolls, sandwich meat, tomatoes, lettuce and all the fixins to build you a mouth watering sandwich that your co-workers will envy. For a side you can also buy a bag of light potato chips or fruit. Have you ever seen a co-worker bring in an awesome looking homemade salad which leaves you going MMMMM?

    Fast Food: Expenses of Tomorrow:

    These meals are built to satisfy your hunger but at what price? Over time we continue stretching our appetites which is why I believe the burgers keep getting bigger. The calorie intake of a single fast food meal is well over 1200 calories. The grams of fat you’re taking in with fast food is extremely high compared to a light turkey sandwich. While a burger could contain as much as 30 grams of fat per serving, a sandwich only contains about 6 grams of fat. A sandwiche can be both satisfying to your appetitie as well as your health. Eating a sub sandwich with a small bag of light chips will reduce your calorie intake about 500 calories a day compared to eating fast food. Think of the long term health benefits of reducing that many calories as well as fat each day.

    CBS news mentioned that obesity may become a “top cause of cancer”. Another study mentions how obesity may become the #1 cause of death in about 9 years with how fast the rate of obesity is increasing. There has also been talk about obesity being worse on your liver than alcohol. With obesity causing so much risk, insurance companies are going to continue charging higher rates for people who weigh more.

    So in the long run if you eat fast food on a daily basis you’re probably spending more than you need to on lunch to begin with. You’re also eating a food that might as well be designed to increase weight. You’ll find you may end up spending more on health insurance as well as health care.

    Take the challenge. Do a weight check and write it down. For the next two months eat light lunches packed from home. At the end of two months you’ll find that you’re not only saving money and reducing health risks, you’re also losing weight.


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